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Washing Delicate Clothes With Laundry Bars & Sunlight Baby

It can be difficult to know how to properly wash delicate clothes, especially if you're not sure what the washing instructions are. Should you hand wash delicate clothing like bras and undergarments, as well as baby clothing, or should you wash them in the machine?


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Washing Delicate Clothes With Laundry Bars Sunlight Baby

Not only can it be hard to know how to wash delicate clothes, but if you don't use the right detergent or methods, you could end up ruining them. Follow these easy steps on how to wash delicate clothes using Sunlight’s range of products for delicate clothing. By following our simple guide, you'll save money and preserve the life of your expensive and delicate clothing items.

How to wash delicate clothing?

When it comes to delicates like bras as well as undergarments, choosing to hand wash them is a wise choice. These types of delicate items do not often fair well in the washing machine because of the amount of friction created in the washing machine drum. They often succumb to getting damaged when washed often in the machine and also get holes or tears in them more easily.

For delicate, as well as fabrics like fine silks and cotton, we highly recommend hand washing these items with a laundry detergent bar. Our favourite on the market right now (and, in fact, it has been for years already) is the Sunlight Laundry Bar Soap. Sunlight Laundry Bar is a household essential and has been for over 131 years. Not only does it remove stains and greasy patches from delicate clothing, but it can also be used to remove stubborn dirt from collars and cuffs on school and work shirts. Did you know that you can even use the laundry bar to remove grease from pots and pans? That’s how multifunctional this little green bar of soap is!

How to use Sunlight Laundry Bar?

For the purposes of this blog, we are going to take a look at how to hand wash delicate fabrics with Sunlight’s Laundry Bar Soap.

  • Get a bucket of warm water ready and soak your garments in the water for a few minutes.

  • Rub the laundry bar thoroughly onto the fabric or onto a specifically stained area and gently rub the fabric in between your fingers and hands.

  • Allow the soap suds to soak into the fabric for a few minutes before rinsing and hanging out to dry in direct sunlight.

How to wash baby clothing?

Baby clothes are considered fabrics that aren’t necessarily delicate but that require special care when washing. Baby’s skin is much more sensitive than an adult’s skin and therefore you need to select a range of baby laundry detergents that have been formulated specifically to be easy on sensitive skin.

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Whilst you can use Sunlight Laundry Bars to hand wash pesky stains like formula, breast milk, or other spills out of baby clothing - as directed above - you will ideally need a laundry detergent that is specifically for baby clothing and that can be used in the washing machine too.

Sunlight’s range of Auto & Handwash Liquid has a range that is ideal for babies. Sunlight Baby Auto & Handwash Liquid has many benefits for baby clothing, not to mention that is can be used for both hand washing and machine use. Here are more benefits as to why we love Sunlight baby laundry detergent for little one’s clothing:

  • It contains no enzymes or dyes, making it safe for baby clothes and for people with sensitive skins

  • It is hypoallergenic

How to use Sunlight Bay Auto & Handwash Liquid

When it comes to using laundry soap for sensitive skin, like the Sunlight Baby Auto & Handwash Liquid range, you will be able to use this product for both hand and machine washing. Always follow the usage and dosing directions indicated on the packaging of the product you are using.

  • For front loaders, add a capful of Sunlight Baby Auto & Handwash to the correct dispenser in your machine and wash a load of baby clothes on the delicate cycle.

  • Hand clothing out to dry in the sun or use a tumble dryer if the fabric allows.

  • For top loaders, add a capful of liquid directly into the drum of the machine and then add your laundry load on top. Select the delicate cycle as well. Dry as directed above.

Both Sunlight laundry bars and the Sunlight Baby Auto & Handwash Liquid range are mild enough to use on delicate fabrics and baby clothes without causing damage or creating allergic reactions – but they will get rid of stains and clean the clothing thoroughly.

Trust Sunlight for a pure and gentle clean. Pick up a packet of your favourite Sunlight product from your local retailer today – you’ll be glad you did.


How do you wash clothes with a laundry bar?

Read our informative blog above on how to wash delicate clothes with a Sunlight Laundry Bar.

What laundry detergent is best for new-born clothes?

Always choose a detergent that has been formulated for sensitive skins when washing new-born baby clothing like Sunlight Baby Auto & Handwash.

Should I soak clothes first before washing them with a laundry bar?

It is best yes. The water from the soaked clothing will help to create suds with the soap which will penetrate the fabric fibres and clean out the stains and dirt.

Do I need washing powder if I'm using a laundry bar to wash clothes?

Laundry bars can be used to wash the entire delicate garment or only to spot clean stains. If you are spot cleaning, you can then wash the garment with a washing liquid thereafter too.

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