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How to Wash Expensive and Delicate Clothing?

When it comes to your expensive and delicate clothes, you want a detergent range that can care for them as expertly as you’d like, right? After all, you’ve invested your hard-earned money into high-fashion pieces that deserve to be washed expertly.


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How to Wash Expensive and Delicate Clothing

Trust Skip to offer you a premium detergent range that promises expert garment care, every time. Here are our top tips for washing expensive clothes at home using Skip’s range of anti-ageing products. We also answer all of your how-to-wash expensive clothes FAQs.

Tips for Handwashing Clothes

Certain delicate fabrics like silk, wool, cashmere and other fine knits like merino wool, do best when washed by hand. If you wash these fabrics incorrectly, they can stretch out and look aged after just a few washes. Here are our top tips on how to hand wash delicates:

  • Wash one item per wash

  • Allow the item to soak in warm water and Skip Anti-Ageing Detergent for an hour before washing

  • Do not agitate the fabric too much and never wring to dry

  • Always allow your delicates to dry flat rather than hanging them

Tips for Machine Washing Clothes

Many modern washing machines have functions that now allow for delicate washing. The cycle is often longer, and the machine does not spin or agitate the fabrics as much either. If your machine has a function for delicates or wools, use it. Just make sure to follow these tips on how to wash delicate clothing in the washing machine;

  • Choose a top-quality washing detergent like Skip to care for your clothes while it washes

  • Always choose the right cycle on your washing machine i.e., delicate cycle for delicates like silk or cashmere and wool cycle for wools

  • Choose cold water above warm water for delicate clothes

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Want to know more about How to Care For Clothes With Skip Liquid Detergent? Read our blog now.

Products for Washing Clothes

Delicate and expensive clothes need delicate care. When it comes to the question of how to wash delicate clothes, Skip anti-ageing detergent is designed to keep your clothing looking newer for longer. Skip detergents are ideal for handwashing and machine-washing and offers the same effect for both methods - its formulation helps to fight the five signs of clothing ageing by

  • Maintaining colour

  • Preventing bobbles

  • Maintaining whiteness

  • Removing stains

  • Preventing roughness

Choose Skip as the best way to wash expensive clothes today; it even works to keep those thrift-store purchases and al-cheapos looking new for longer too.

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1. How to hand wash expensive and delicate clothes?

Hand washing delicate clothes is very beneficial to their fibres as it is a more delicate process. Some washing machines though, do offer delicate cycles for fabrics that need a more delicate wash. Read our tips above on how to hand wash delicate clothing.

2. How to wash expensive and delicate clothes with a washing machine?

Read our tips for washing expensive, delicate clothing in the washing machine now, in the above article. Make sure you use a good-quality product like Skip that fights the signs of clothes ageing for best results.

3. Do expensive clothes require hands or a washing machine?

It really depends on the fabric. Always check the clothing care label first to find out if the garment needs to be hand washed or can be put in a delicate cycle in the washing machine.

4. Is hand washing better than washing machine?

It really does depend on the type of material. Hand washing can be more delicate on clothing because it does not agitate the fibres as much.

5. Do washing machines ruin delicate clothing items?

As long as you choose the correct cycle for the delicate items and you use the right laundry detergent, a washing machine should not ruin a fabric at all.

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