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5 Easy Recycling Art Projects For Kids

It goes without saying that in 2022, we should all be practicing recycling in our homes. Recycling is proving to lessen the load on landfills and more retail goods are being made with recycled products than ever before.


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OMO 5 Easy Recycling Art Projects For Kids

If you don’t recycle yet, it’s time to learn. Not only is it important for the environment, but we’re also going to tell you about the most awesome recycled art projects for kids that you can do with many different kinds of recycled items. Read here about the Benefits of Recycling at Home now.

Recycled Art Projects for Kids

We are getting you started with five recycling projects for kids. Once you start, you’ll find that you’ll soon look at all of your recycled products differently and you’ll start imagining all of the ways you can turn a used piece of recycling into a fun piece of art. While working on these projects with the kids, you will also be working on critical childhood development through messy play.

Toilet Roll Bird Feeder

We all have toilet rolls in the house, right? Why not turn these previously thrown-away essentials into something fun and tasty for the birds? Simply take a toilet roll, coat half of it in a layer of peanut butter and then roll it in bird seed. Hang it seed side at the top with some old ribbon or string and pierce a stick through the bottom half of the toilet roll as a little perch for the birds.

Wine Cork Butterflies

Collect the corks from wine bottles to create these cute butterflies. Simply cut out the shape of butterfly wings (one wing for the left and one for the right). Paint the corks in any colour your child likes and stick the butterfly wings onto the back of the cork. Decorate the front of the cork with eyes and a smile to create a happy little creature.

Milk Bottle Rockets

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Turn those milk bottles that you used to throw away each week into awesome, super-fast rockets. Paint the milk carton first. Then cut out rocket wings for the sides of the bottle and stick them on. Take old milk bottle caps and stick them to the front of the milk bottle to look like buttons. And blast off, you’ve got a rocket!

Egg Carton Caterpillar

Egg cartons are versatile pieces of junk that can be turned into many kinds of creative recycling ideas for kids. Creating a caterpillar is just one idea but you can create absolutely any kind of creature that your child wants to. For this idea, cut a row off a large carton so that you just have a strip of cups (a 12 or 18-cup carton will work best). Paint the carton in whatever colours your child wants. Use a sharpened pencil to create holes in the sides of each cup. Stick a variety of different coloured pipe cleaners into the holes as legs. End off with painting and decorating a face and giving the caterpillar a final set of pipe cleaner feelers.

CD Crab

CDs are a thing of the past, but most of us still have a large array of CDs in our cabinets collecting dust. There are many great uses for CDs, many of which the children will love. Take a CD and add a thin layer of glue to one surface. Cut out tissue paper to match the CD shape and stick the tissue paper to the glue. Cut out six legs and a set of pincers from some old paper or cardboard you have and stick those to the under side of the CD. Add two eyes to the top of the crab and voila, you have yourself a sea creature.

How to Start Recycling

If you’ve loved these recycling ideas for kids, here’s what you need to do to start recycling in your home and separating your trash from recycled items. Start by getting a separate bin in the kitchen for recycling items only. Place all the used, washed recycling items in the bin which can include:

  • Tin cans

  • Glass bottles, jars, and lids

  • Plastic jars and cooldrink bottles

  • Milk bottles and milk bottle caps

  • Egg cartons

  • Breakfast cereal boxes

  • Paper plates and cups

  • Wine Bottles and wine corks

Start with these regular items and get into the habit of either recycling them effectively, or using them to create weird, wonderful, and exciting crafts with your kids.

Don’t forget that OMO believes that Dirt is Good. So don’t worry about stains or dirt when you’re crafting with your kids, because OMO has you covered.


Which recycled art projects are good for kids?

Anything that has to do with art and recycling will be loved by your kids. Using recycled items to create fun, colourful art projects is a wonderful way to teach your children about the importance of re-using and upcycling.

What can I make from recycled materials?

The list of craft ideas to do from recycled materials is endless. Read the blog above for five recycled art project ideas to get you started.

How can kids be taught about recycling and its importance?

Kids can be taught about recycling and its importance through fun, interactive activities. Such as them create their own recycle bin out of a cardboard box.

What are some fun ways to recycle materials?

Reuse old jars and bottles for storage or decoration. Recycle old newspapers into wrapping paper or insulation. Recycle metal cans into new cans, bird feeders, or wind chimes. Recycle glass bottles into new bottles or vases.

How can kids be taught about recycling and its importance?

You can teach kids about recycling is to have them participate in it themselves. You can set up a small recycling station at home and let them help sort the recyclables.

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