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Frequently Asked Questions for Safe, Smart and Savvy Thrift Shopping

But, does thrifting also make you slightly nervous? Do you worry about making a wrong buy and purchasing something that is broken or irreversibly stained? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in your concerns! That’s why we’ve put together a little thrifting FAQ for safe, smart, savvy thrift shopping


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Frequently Asked Questions for Safe, Smart and Savvy Thrift Shopping

Thrifting has become the sustainable fashion movement that is making huge waves in just about every country, South Africa included. Buying clothing from second-hand thrift stores can offer shoppers quite a few benefits; you can save money, it has a positive impact on the environment due to its sustainability aspect sending less clothes to landfills and let’s face it, it’s loads of fun searching for hidden gems and pre-loved items that probably have a thousand stories to tell.

FAQs for Thrift Shopping

How Do I Do Safe Thrift Shopping During a Pandemic?

This is a question that we get asked a lot, is it safe to touch clothing that has already been worn during the COVID-19 pandemic? As we know, the key to lowering your chances of infection is to protect yourself as much as possible. When you are safe thrift store hopping, always wear your mask over your mouth and nose. Sanitise your hands well, when you enter a store and after leaving a store too. Try not to touch your mouth and nose too much during your shopping spree. Other than that, don’t let it worry you too much and rather just focus on the fun of shopping for second-hand bargains.

How Do I Spot Stains or Damage on Pre-Owned Clothing or Shoes?

The only way to spot stains or damage is to have a thorough look at the item you like. Take it off the rack, turn it around, inspect it as closely as you can and don’t be rushed while you’re doing it. The onus is on you to make sure you are fully aware of the product you’re buying and if it is intact or not.

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How Do I Clean Thrift Store Purchases?

The best way to revive old thrift store items and pre-loved clothing is to wash it with Skip’s Anti-Ageing detergent. Skip uses Fibre Care Technology to revitalise and protect older clothing. Skip can help fight the five signs of clothes ageing and turn your drab thrift buys into almost new gems.

Should I Try Thrift Store Items On?

Absolutely! Like with any clothing or shoe shopping, fit is key. Make sure you try the items you love on before you buy. If the store doesn’t have a change room area, ask what their policy is on returns.

How Do I Style My Thrift Store Items?

When it comes to thrift store buys, the key is to keep it minimal, so try not to throw on all your thrifty purchases at one time i.e., from head to toe. Rather mix and match a beautiful vintage thrift item with a pair of newer jeans or leggings to get a mix of genres.

We hope these answers have helped you feel comfier with how to thrift! Now go out there and find some pre-loved gems to make your own.

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1. Is it safe to wear clothes from thrift stores?

Yes! Just make sure you’ve taken them home and given them a wash with Skip Anti-Ageing detergent before you wear them.

2. What should I look for when thrifting?

Thrifting is all about personal taste. We recommend knowing what you’re looking for before you head out to the shops, so that you’re not overwhelmed by everything you might see. Know what your budget is too so that you understand your spending limit. Most of all, have fun.

3. How do you disinfect clothes from a thrift store?

Giving clothing from a thrift store a good regular wash in your washing machine with Skip (if they can be machine washed) will do the trick to kill any nasty bugs that may be lurking in the clothes. Drying the clothing outside in warm, direct sunlight will also help to disinfect them.

4. Should I wash thrifted clothes in hot water?

Depending on the fabric type, you can wash in warmer water. Just be sure to check the clothing care label of the garment first to see at what temperature it can be washed at.

5. How do you clean thrifted jeans?

We recommend washing your thrifted jeans once you’ve bought them. Thereafter, you can wash them as often as they need to be washed, which is generally when they are soiled or very dirty. We don’t recommend washing jeans after every wear.

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