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Everything you need to know about glass recycling

When it comes to glass recycling, even a little goes a long way!


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Everything you need to know about glass recycling

From fizzy pop bottles to bathroom windows, glass is basically everywhere in our lives – but is glass recyclable? And if so, how is glass recycled? Glass recycling is in fact pretty quick and easy to do and can make a big difference in reducing landfill waste. Learn everything you need to know on how to recycle the bottles, jars and other glass items common in every home.

Don't forget to clean your upcycled glass items with a multipurpose cleaner, like Handy Andy, or a dishwashing liquid, such as Sunlight. Just because it’s recycled doesn’t mean it has to be shabby chic!

What to do with glass waste

It’s important to recycle glass properly, as this is a material that can easily be reused and will help prevent the build-up of garbage in fields and seas. The key is finding out about your local recycling system and following that guidance, so check out the website of your prefecture or city. Usually, recycling is picked up around once a week and should always be left out clean.

Cleaning recyclable glass items

Cleaning is key in the recycling process. If there’s food or other substances left on the glass it makes it much more difficult to reuse. Simply wash items with a multipurpose cleaner, such as Handy Andy, or out in warm water with an effective dishwashing liquid, like Sunlight, and rinse thoroughly. Leave to dry and put it in the recycling.

Where to recycle glass

Now you’ve got your glass items clean and ready to go, it’s important to know where to recycle glass bottles, jars and other items. This depends slightly on where you live but, usually, there are local pick-ups from residential areas and larger recycling centres which will do the trick. If you’re not sure, speak to local residents or look online for more advice.

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Uses for recycled glass

Waste glass recycling is a complex process and, when you’re not involved in it, it can sometimes feel like a bit of a mystery as to what actually happens when your recycling has been collected and taken away. The glass recycling process essentially involves either crushing or melting down the glass to combine it together and then make into a raw material once more. This can then be fashioned into new bottles and jars for resale.

Those are the key things you need to know about glass bottle recycling and other glass items. This is an important part of looking after the environment and preventing excessive waste, so find out the guidance in your local area and start recycling glass today. 

  • Clean and dry the item thoroughly.

  • Put it in the recycling bin.

  • Check local guidance on whether/when recycling is picked up residentially.

  • If not, take it to your local recycling centre.

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