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Easy Paper Plate Crafts For Kids

It can be tough to keep the kids entertained, especially during the school holidays. The days can be long and hot, and it can feel like kids are constantly looking to you for something to do. These easy paper plate crafts from OMO are perfect for a little bit of hands-on fun.


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Easy Paper Plate Crafts for Kids With Images

With just a few simple materials, you can create colourful and creative masterpieces that will keep the kids entertained for hours on end. It doesn’t have to cost you much either. Simply find some odds and ends lying around the house and get creative. You can also use these paper craft activities to explain what repurposing means and why it contributes to sustainability. Making it a fun and also thrifty experience

Paper Plate Flower

This is an ideal, easy paper plate craft for toddlers’ activity that the little girls in the home will love especially. They adore creating their own colourful flowers that they can stick up all over their room.

You Will Need:

  • Paper Plates

  • Cardboard

  • Paint

  • Scissors

  • Glue

To Make the Flower:

  • Get the kids to paint the centre of the plate with a beautiful bright yellow, then paint the outer ring with pink or purple.

  • Get them to cut little strips around the edges (if they can manage scissors).

  • Then stick on a stalk and two leaves at the bottom with some green cardboard and some glue.

  • They can then give their creation to someone that they love.

Paper Plate Dinosaur

Making a flower might not be up the alley of any younger chaps in your home. Let them create a scary, colourful dinosaur which might be more to their liking.

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You Will Need:

  • Paper Plates

  • Cardboard

  • Paint

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Clothes pegs

To Make the Dinosaur:

  • Cut a paper plate in half and paint the underside in blue or green.

  • Using a yellow or orange piece of cardboard, cut out a few small triangles and stick them on the rounded side as spikes.

  • Add a head and a tail also out of cardboard.

  • Simply use two painted clothes pegs as legs.

Paper Plate Dream Catcher

Your older kids and tweens will love this activity! It’s creative and will allow them to express themselves, while designing something for someone special or for themselves.

You Will Need:

  • Paper Plates

  • String

  • Paint

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • A punch

  • Feathers

  • Beads

  • Ribbons

To Make the Dream Catcher

  • Cut out a circle from the centre of the paper plate leaving only the outer edge in tact

  • Make some holes with a punch on the inner edge of the ring

  • Weave some string through the holes to create a spider web effect in the centre of the plate

  • Attach three feathers to the bottom of the dream catcher on pieces of string

  • You can add a loop at the top to use for hanging it up

  • Then let them decorate their works of art with paint, beads and ribbons.

Paper Plate Watermelon

Teach your children about healthy eating or the importance of growing your own vegetables and fruit, by using this creative task as your talking point.

You Will Need:

  • Paper Plates

  • Ice cream Sticks

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Red/Pink Paint

  • Green Paint

  • Black Paint

  • Stapler

To Make the Watermelon:

  • Fold your paper plate in half with the top side on the outside

  • Glue the ice cream stick in the centre of the rounded side

  • Staple closed the ribbed edges

  • Paint the centre circle with red or pink paint and allow to dry

  • Paint black spots on top of the red or pink paint for the watermelon seeds

  • Leave a small circle unpainted

  • Paint the outer ribbed edges with your green paint

  • Repeat the paint on the other side

There you have it. Some quick and easy activities, that won’t break the bank, to get you through those long school holidays. Remember that you are also teaching kids about using recycled materials for art projects. You can also keep a box or tub with all your craft materials in it. You can get kids to add some items from around the house for your next crafty activity.

Remember, when it comes to kid’s crafts, don’t let your mind get carried away with the amount of mess they might be making on their clothes – OMO has you covered. Messy Play Zone for kids, for their learning and development, and OMO has the perfect detergent range to get rid of any kind of stain anyway.


What can I make out of a paper plate?

Get creative, you can make almost any animal out of a paper plate using a little bit of imagination. Read our blog above for more inspiration.

What can toddlers make with paper plates?

Get toddlers to stick buttons, eggs shells, pipe cleaners, felt or cotton balls onto paper plates. Or simply let them paint something interesting. The sky is the limit really.

Where can I find paper plate craft ideas?

Head to OMO’s Messy Play Zone & Dirt is Good pages to get inspiration on craft ideas for kids.

What are the best paper plate crafts designs?

Simpler designs that don’t require cutting are best for toddlers, but you can get older kids to try out some more complicated activities. Read our blog above for simple yet fun ideas.

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