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Ideas on How to Reuse Old Jeans

Do you have a load of old jeans in the cupboard (that might be too big, too small, or outdated) and have no idea what to do with them? Why not consider finding a new purpose for them?


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Ideas on How to Reuse Old Jeans

There are a lot of wonderful ideas to reuse old jeans out there that won’t cost you a lot and will only require a little time and creativity. In this article, we’ll show you how to make use of old jeans so that you don’t have to throw them away and clog up the landfills.

5 Creative Ideas To Repurpose Old Jeans

When it comes to creative uses for old jeans, Cleanipedia has you covered! We’ve put together the five most popular, easiest DIY ideas to do at home that will give a new lease on life to your favourite old jeans.

#1 – Wine Bag

Who doesn’t need a wine bag or drinks bag that is versatile enough to be carried around and keep bottles cool? Measure your fabric from old jeans to make sure the bag will be long enough to go over a wine bottle and have additional area at the top to create a handle too. You can also add an inner layer, sewn into the jeans, to ensure extra insulation of the bottles. Create an opening for your hand to carry the bag at the top, and voila! You have yourself a mobile bar.

#2 – Couch Organiser

Do you often wish you could have everything you need in one easy place when watching TV? Like all the remotes, a nail file, a magazine and your glasses all near you? Well, wish no more! Create a couch organiser from old jeans for the perfect sofa companion. You can choose your favourite pattern on this one, but ideally you want to make sure that you include two pockets from old jeans that will act as the pockets for accessories like remotes and other items. You can create a patchwork organiser from a range of different jeans or use just one – the choice is yours!

#3 – Phone/iPad Carrier

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Create the perfect phone and iPad cover and organiser with old jeans. Using the back pocket area of the jeans, you can create a rectangular organiser that is sewn shut on the sides and at the bottom (to keep everything in) with an opening at the top for the laptop or iPad to slip into. Make sure you cut the jeans so that the back pocket is at the front and centre of the organiser, which can be used to place your phone, cables, a pen, and even a notebook for easy access.

#4 – Patchwork Pillows

A patchwork pillow is a really wonderful way of using a few different cut offs of different coloured jeans (and other fabrics) to create an interesting and colourful pillowcase. Cut a variety of squares from different jeans in the same size and shape. Sew these together into a pillowcase pattern, making sure you leave the one end open to insert a zip. This could be a special keepsake for someone, especially if you are using cut offs from someone special in their lives.

#5 - Denim Cocktail Napkins

These are really easy little napkins to make and will add a creative, quirky element to your next dinner party. Cut out a variety of squares in the same sizes from different jeans. Sew them together to create a double-sided square which can then be used as is as a napkin, or folded in half or in three to create a centre napkin on a plate.

How Can You Reuse Old Jeans Without Sewing?

If I don’t have a sewing machine, how can I create cool alternative uses for old jeans, we hear you ask? Well, there are two solutions for this problem:

  • Use your hands! Get yourself a needle and thread and make the ideas we’ve suggested above by hand.

  • Have you got a stapler? A stapler is a great way to secure jeans in our ideas above. Just always make sure you staple the jeans with the right way around (in other words, not inside out) to make sure the sharp end of the staple remains inside the seam.

Alternatives to Reusing Old Jeans

Sometimes we don’t have the time to implement ideas to reuse old jeans. There are many different ways to pay your jeans forward to other people, that don’t require a pair of scissors and a sewing machine.

For some inspiring and different uses for old jeans and what to do instead of repurposing them, read our blog on How To Recycle Old Clothes now. Remember to wash your creative denim design with Skip for a better clean and a newer look for longer.

For more clothing care tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia today.


How do I recycle old jeans for new clothes?

Turn old jeans into new fashion items or other items that can be used around the home! Read our blog above to get ideas on how to do this.

How do you make old jeans look new again?

If your jeans just need some patching up, it's best to sew patches in your jeans and keep on wearing them. If they are no longer wearable or too small or too big, use some of the ideas above on how to reuse old jeans.

How does reusing old jeans help the environment?

Jeans do not biodegrade, so when you throw them away in the rubbish, they will simply land up in landfills and clog up our waste systems. When you reuse or repurpose old jeans, you are preventing this cycle from happening.

Can I make some extra money reselling my old jeans instead of reusing them?

You can! Consider doing a yard sale by selling your jeans at a reduced cost. Just make sure they still look good and can be worn by someone else. You might also want to consider donating your old jeans to a charity shop.

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