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Sustainable Ways You Can Fight Fast Fashion at Home

Fast fashion is a 21st century concept which makes use of fashion that is designed by large retailers, intended to be worn fast, and only for a season before going out of trend. People who practice fast fashion will invest in new, trendy fashion pieces from big conglomerates every season and not use them again.


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Sustainable Ways You Can Fight Fast Fashion at Home

Whilst fast fashion works for some, it is not the most sustainable process to practice. If you are looking for ways to be more responsible and mindful with your fashion choices, then looking for ways to fight fast fashion should be your focus.

Skip is here to help you take on fast fashion without sacrificing your style. We offer a few ways to practice the opposite of fast fashion at home which will aid in the fight against the buy, use, throw away culture of fast fashion.

How to Fight Fast Fashion

Fighting against fast fashion starts with sustainability and finding ways to be more fashion-conscious. Buying new clothes all the time isn't sustainable or environmentally friendly. If you practice these five ways of being more environmentally conscious with your clothing choices, you’ll be able to fight fast fashion with an impact each day.

5 Ways to Fight Fast Fashion at Home

#1 – Practice Minimalism

Do you really need five white shirts and seven pairs of jeans? The concept of minimalism in fashion is looking at your wardrobe and deciding what it is you really need to be comfortable and happy. Chances are you only need one or two items of a design you love to keep you fashion-happy. Buying clothes for the sake of it is the first step towards fast fashion decline.

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#2 - Buy Second-Hand

When you need something, are in the mood to shop, or want a little number for an upcoming occasion, consider buying second-hand clothes instead of buying new ones. Second-hand shopping is a great way to get yourself some gems, without having to pay a huge amount or invest in fast fashion.

#3 – Organise a Clothing Swap

This is a great idea for fighting fast fashion and is slowly becoming popular amongst groups of friends. Once or twice a year, why not take all the clothing you haven’t worn in a while or were considering getting rid of and do a clothes swap with a group of friends? They can do the same and bring what they have too. You then each go through the other’s pile, and you’ll be surprised to see that you’ll find hidden gems in your friend’s wardrobes.

#4 - Donate Used Clothes

Donating pre-loved or pre-worn clothing is another awesome initiative in fighting fast fashion. Instead of chucking out your used clothes that you no longer want and filling up the landfills and clogging up the sewer systems, consider donating clothes to donation shops like Hospice and other shops in your local community.

#5 - Sell Gently Used Clothes

The term gently used clothes refer to those items that you’ve only worn once or twice or are high-fashion brand-name items that are in almost-new condition. These items often seem silly to just donate to donation organisations and you could perhaps rather try and sell them for a marginal fee. You can choose to sell these items amongst friends or sell them on free websites like Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree.

Upcycling is another great trend in the fight against fast fashion. Read our blog on Make Fashion More Sustainable by Upcycling Clothing now.

The Environmental Reasons to Fight Fast Fashion

If you ask some environmentalists, they’ll tell you that fast fashion isn’t just bad, it's downright harmful. The main disadvantages of fast fashion from an environmental point of view include:

  • The production of fast fashion consumes vast amounts of energy, which results in the burning and use of fossil fuels

  • Large amounts of water pollution from the use of cheap, toxic dyes and other chemicals, result from the making of fast-fashion clothing.

  • People called resources in the fashion industry, are often underpaid by fast fashion conglomerates and must work under poor working conditions.

  • The “buy for a season and throw away” trend results in mountains of waste each year that end up in landfills and never biodegrades.

For more fashion tips and other great tricks, visit Cleanipedia today.

FAQs on Sustainable Ways You Can Fight Fast Fashion at Home

Why makes Fast Fashion An Issue?

Fast fashion breeds high profit for companies, instant gratification culture for buyers, huge environmental impact for the universe, and poor working conditions for resources.

What are the arguments against fast fashion?

Environmentalists will tell you that fast fashion is detrimental to the environment and to us as human beings from both a sustainable and emotional point of view.

Why is it important to fight against fast fashion from home?

Small, meaningful steps at home can make a huge difference to the universe around you.

Is fast fashion an issue for local clothing stores that practice sustainable fashion?

Buying clothing from local stores that have good practices like sourcing local fabrics, looking after their staff, do not pollute the water or environment around them, is not an investment in fast fashion.

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