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The Uses of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

It's no secret that traditional cleaning products can be harmful to both our environment and our health. This is why eco-friendly cleaning products have become popular and homeowners are making a more conscious decision to choose products that are kinder to the environment and themselves.


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The Uses of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

But what are eco-friendly cleaning products, and why should you switch to them? We are here to explain. In this blog, we answer all your questions about eco-friendly commercial cleaning products, as well as the benefits to both you and your family of using green cleaning products.

What are eco-friendly cleaning products?

Cleaning products that are eco-friendly refer to products that are kinder to the environment. This means they use fewer chemicals, or the chemicals that are in them are less harmful to both the environment in which they are used and anyone or anything in that environment too. The Handy Andy Cream Cleaner range has 100% natural cleaning particles which are less harsh and are kinder to the environment.

Why are eco-friendly cleaning products important for the environment?

The main reason eco-friendly cleaning products are so beneficial to the environment is that they contain no or very few harmful ingredients and, in fact, contain more natural ingredients. These natural ingredients are often derived from natural sources like trees and plants. The cleaning products that are more eco-friendly based, also tend to be manufactured in a more conscious way. Simply, the manufacturing process gives off fewer carbon emissions, are less toxic to the communities around them, and are packaged in partly or fully recyclable bottles.

5 benefits of using eco-friendly cleaning products

When it comes to eco-friendly cleaning product benefits, we have selected five of the most important to you and the environment. If you’re not convinced to start changing to more eco-friendly cleaning product brands, you will be after reading these benefits.

#1 - Safe to use

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Eco-friendly products generally use little to no chemicals in them. This makes them safer to use for humans, pets and the environment because there is less exposure to harmful chemicals in the home.

#2 - Cost-effective

Eco-friendly can be more cost effective to use, especially if you choose to create your own homemade products.

#3 - Good for the environment

Obviously, by using fewer chemicals in the product, there is less chance of any harmful chemicals being washed into water systems or into our soil. Eco-friendly products also tend to be manufactured in ways that use fewer carbon emissions thereby reducing their carbon footprint too.

#4 - Fewer risks are involved

When using eco-friendly products, you are more likely to experience fewer risks like skin reactions, skin allergies and overexposure. This is particularly important in homes with young children, older adults or immune-compromised people.

#5 - Eco-friendly cleaning products are used mainly for homes & families

Most of the top eco-friendly cleaning products have been made with homes and families in mind. This means that they have been made to be used by real people in their homes, every day. They aim to be less harmful to people’s skin and bodies, less harmful to pets, and less harmful to the natural environment.

Why you should consider purchasing eco-friendly cleaning products

When using eco-friendly products you become part of the change that is making a difference on some of the issues we are facing today, like climate change and plastic pollution. We recommend starting with small changes in your home if you’re wanting to go eco-friendly by following these easy steps:

Start by changing out your body products first like creams, soaps, body washes and deodorants

Move on to more eco-friendly hair and face care products like shampoos, conditioners and creams

Introduce eco-friendly cleaning products next like surface cleaning products, floor cleaning products and window cleaning products

Move on to changing to eco-friendly dishwashing liquids for machines and hand washing

Finally, change to more eco-friendly laundry detergents and fabric softeners

Be part of making sustainable living a commonplace with Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan.

For more eco-friendly tips and tricks for the home, visit Cleanipedia today.


Are eco-friendly cleaning products really eco-friendly?

Make sure that you do your homework when buying eco-friendly products to ensure their authenticity.

Are eco-friendly cleaning products chemical free?

Not necessarily. Eco-friendly products may still contain some chemicals, but those chemicals would be much less harmful and in smaller doses than other types of products.

What is the difference between eco-friendly cleaning products vs environmentally friendly cleaning products?

They are essentially the same thing. Both mean that the product is made with more natural ingredients, or ingredients that are less harmful to both humans, pets and the environment.

What are the examples of eco-friendly cleaning products?

There are eco-friendly products for every type of cleaning chore like floor cleaning, surface cleaning, dishwashing and laundry.

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