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How to clean the bathroom, fast!

Only have 15 minutes to make your bathroom look and feel super clean? Read on for fast and easy bathroom cleaning tips and tricks!


By Cleanipedia Team

Clean bathroom with no mould on bathroom sealant
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Key steps:

  • Keep some germ-killing multipurpose cleaning products in the cupboard like Domestos Thick Bleach - you’ll be glad to have it when you need to clean in a hurry

  • If you’re under time pressure, start by cleaning the toilet, sink and taps, as they are the areas guests are most likely to use

  • Make bathroom cleaning a quicker job by keeping on top of regular light cleans as well as monthly deep cleans

After a long, busy week, it’s easy to let the household chores slip for a day and instead enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, this always seems to be the time when you get that phone call from a family member or friend saying ‘I’ll be round in 10 minutes for a cup of tea and a chat’. Then it’s time to jump into action, trying to get your home tidy quickly before your visitors arrive.

The bathroom can be especially problematic, so having a few tricks up your sleeve for quick, easy bathroom cleaning is a must. Here’s how to clean your bathroom fast, without breaking out into a cold sweat.

Safe cleaning


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Even though you’re in a rush to get the job done, remember that it’s still important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines when using commercial cleaning products in the bathroom, or any other cleaning product such as white vinegar that could cause skin irritation. Before your visitors arrive, pop the gloves on, ensure your home is well-ventilated, and take a few moments to make sure you’re using any bleach products correctly to avoid accident or injury.

Easy Ways to Clean Bathroom Fixtures & Fittings

The good news is that you don’t need a special ‘easy clean’ bathroom to get your bathroom clean and sparkling quickly. Learning how to clean a bathroom fast is all about following five simple steps that will make it look as if you’ve spent hours getting the room just right, when you’ve only been in there for a quick 15 minutes.

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Here’s the easy way to clean bathroom fixtures & fittings:

Clean the Toilet

Start by putting some Domestos Thick Bleach into the bowl (making sure to apply to the rim and allowing it to drip down the sides). Toilet cleaner needs time to sit before scrubbing and flushing, so you can get to work on other tasks while the toilet cleaner gets to work removing stains and smells. For more info, read our 6-step guide to toilet cleaning.

Cleaning toilet bowl

Wash the Basin

Wash your hands after touching the toilet – it’ll keep you free of germs and it’ll help rinse out any dirt from the basin, too. Use a clean, dry cloth to remove any excess water, and then give the basin and taps a thorough clean with an anti-bacterial spray. 

Tackle the Tub

Quickly spray your bathtub and glass shower screen with a good antibacterial disinfectant spray. This is great for getting rid of any soap residue that’s built up over the last few days, and giving a fresh, clean smell. Quickly buff the shower screen with a dry cloth to remove watermarks.

Bathtub cleaning
Shower glass cleaning

 Clear the Floor

Grab a brush and sweep the bathroom floor, taking care to get into the corners to remove any dust build up (or switch your vacuum cleaner on if you have a carpeted bathroom). Pick up any large pieces of dirt, like hair, and put in the bin. Take the bin out and replace the bag if needed.

Finishing Touches

In the last few minutes before your visitors arrive, spend just a moment or two looking around your bathroom for anything you may have missed, or anything that’s out of place. And don’t forget to scrub the toilet and flush – the toilet cleaner will have worked its magic by now.

Handy Hints

Now that you understand how to clean a bathroom fast, it’s time to learn a few quick tricks and handy hints that will help you along the way. These hints will turn bathroom cleaning into a piece of cake:

  • When time is a factor, we can’t afford to be rifling through the cleaning cupboard searching for the right product for the job. That’s why multi-use products are ideal for these situations. Multi-use cleaning products, like ones from Domestos and Cif, can be used for everything from the bathroom sink and wall tiles to the bathtub and shower screen.

  • Turn your bathroom into an easy-to-clean bathroom by keeping on top of regular cleaning tasks. Give your bathroom a deep clean once a month – this should including mopping your floor tiles, treating any mould growth on the walls, and dusting in all those hard-to-reach areas, such as on top of the medicine cabinet. This way, there will be less cleaning to do at the last moment. To help you get into a good bathroom cleaning routine, you’ll find more tips here.

  • Remember that not everyone will be examining your bathroom the same way that you do. That bit of mould right in the corner behind the door? It does need treating (this is simple with bleach, which has very strong antifungal properties), but it’s not essential that you do it right before your visitors arrive. Stick to the more obvious tasks that need doing, like organisation.

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