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Toilet cleaning products: a comprehensive guide

Want to know about the different toilet cleaning products you can use? From toilet bowl cleaners to rim blocks, find out all you need to know here!


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By Cleanipedia Team

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Keeping your bathroom fresh and clean can make you feel so much happier in your home. The toilet, in particular, is one place where using the right products makes a real difference to the hygiene of surfaces and the efficiency of your plumbing.

But when there’s such a wealth of toilet cleaning products out there, how do you know what to choose and which one to use when? 

Luckily, this quick guide is here to explain what each product is for.

While we suggest you use powerful cleaning products like Domestos, make sure you follow safety instructions on the product packaging. Toilet cleaning products can contain powerful chemicals. Use in a well ventilated area, wear rubber gloves to protect your skin, and take special care when using bleach.

Clearing Your Pipes: Toilet Unblocker

Many people swear by ordinary kitchen items like salt, or bicarbonate of soda with vinegar, to clear a blocked toilet, and it’s true that these can help loosen accumulated grime so it can be flushed away. For a more solid blockage, though, you really need a proper toilet un-blocker. The thick gel of a toilet unblocker clings to blockages to break them down and help the water drag them away. Simply pour in, leave for the length of time given on the bottle, then flush a few times to whisk the blockage down the drain.

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For a Shiny, Bright Bowl: Limescale Remover

A good toilet bowl cleaner is a staple in any bathroom.Limescale in your toilet bowl can collect germs and unsightly dirt, and may also damage the enamel over time. Use a toilet stain remover containing limescale remover to keep your toilet free of unsightly grime. This should come in a bottle with a sharp nozzle: use this to squirt a line of toilet limescale remover like Domestos Zero Limescale around the inside edge of the toilet to clean stains under the rim of the toilet bowl.

Safety Warning

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Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Keep it Fresh: Toilet Rim Blocks

To keep your toilet fresh and pleasant for everyone to use, use a toilet rim block or toilet cleaner tablets. A rim block sits in a plastic cage that hooks over the rim of the bowl and releases deodorisers and fragrance to keep everything smelling clean. A toilet cleaner tablet, meanwhile, sits at the bottom of the bowl to  neutralise odours; it’s heavy and durable, so it won’t flush away and will last ages.

For Safe Surfaces: Toilet Wipes

Antibacterial toilet wipes are a brilliant way to make sure your toilet is always hygienic. Because they’re so convenient to use, they make it easy to clean key areas, like the flush handle, lid and seat, regularly. Plus, as there’s no spray trigger to trap germs from your fingers, they’re more hygienic to store in your bathroom. Simply pull out a wipe, wipe over your toilet’s outer surfaces, and flush it away when you’re done!

Now you know what all these products are and how they work, you’ll be able to navigate the bathroom aisle of the supermarket effortlessly. Domestos products are perfect for this task, and they have lots of handy cleaning tips, too!

For more information on the ingredients in products mentioned in this tip, visit What’s in Unilever Products here.

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