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Top tips for a happy flat share

Flat sharing is never short of experiences and though it may be challenging at times, it can also be exciting and fun. So, go in prepped and primed with these failsafe tips so everything else is plain sailing.


By Cleanipedia Team

Top-tips for a happy flat share

New pad, new rules:

  1. Student life comes with inevitable late nights but remember to be quiet coming back in.
  2. Don’t be the loo roll dodger, take turns to top up the essentials.
  3. And if you’re heading out, check if the bins need taking out with you.

Living in a flatshare can be an exciting experience. However, committing to new shared spaces, new habits and new personalities may leave disagreement a-plenty. Here are some top tips to help harmonise the flatshare experience. So, you can worry less about the boring stuff, and enjoy the fun bits instead.

  1. Along with the loo roll dodger, is the milk dodger. Don’t ruin someone’s cuppa, if you haven’t got time to replace it, use those sticky notes for something other than revision, and stick some colourful reminders on the fridge door.
  2. University life is the best time to meet new people but be mindful of inviting these new friends back in the early hours.
  3. If you find anyone’s wet laundry in the communal washing machine, help and place it in the drier. If that’s busy, save them the next slot and put their washing basket on top.
  4. Remember to keep it down in the late hours, especially if you understand how sacred nap time is.
  5. Use a fragranced laundry detergent like Surf on your bed sheets, this will keep your room smelling fresher for longer and lift your mood following a long day of lectures.
  6. Discuss what food, if any, you would like to share and who will have what shelf.
  7. Always offer to help with chores and make sure anything you bring out your room, goes back.
  8. Had a flat party? Show you’re a reliable roomie and help clean up the next morning. This is a good time to laugh about the night before.
  9. Communication is key. Make sure you’re open from the get-go about how living together might work. A WhatsApp group might help encourage shier people to speak-up while it can fit in with your busy lives.
  10. Be aware of your own habits and be open to compromise.
Be mindful of your own habits, and compromise with those of your flat mates.

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