When the transition to university comes around, it’s normal for you and your child to feel a little nervous. Luckily, sneaking in a few comforts from home, whether it’s that go-to snack, or even a favourite pillow, can help soothe some of those jitters.

Whether your new student is living in a flat or traditional halls of residence, many of the products your family knows and depends on come in convenient sizes that save space and bring along the feeling of home. To get you started, here are seven cleaning must-haves that are easy enough to pack and will help make the move a bit smoother.

  1. All-purpose cleaner: Rooms in university accommodation can be a little small, so it only takes a little work to keep it tidy. It also means, though, that the products used touch every bit of that small living space, which is why we recommend all-purpose cleaners that are free of fragrances and VOCs.
  2. Disinfectant wipes: All that tight space shared by so many people student accommodation major germ-collection points. In fact, studies show that students who share small spaces are at an increased risk for the flu and other illnesses. A great way to cut back on germs is to promote good hygiene. Frequent hand washing and wiping down shared surfaces with disinfectant wipes are easy steps even a busy student can make time for.
  3. Hand wash: When it comes to keeping hands clean, regular bathroom soap may not do the trick. 
  4. Laundry capsules: Without a parent nearby, it’s unlikely your child’s clothes will get washed with the same frequency as at home. You can’t be there for that weekly reminder, but sending along some convenient, pre-dosed laundry packs like Persil will definitely help. For our top tips on student laundry tips, read here.
  5. Washing-up liquid: We recommend sending along a small plastic basin, a sponge, and a small bottle of washing-up liquid to help make doing the dishes just a little more like home.
  6. Toilet roll: Some student housing may not come pre-stocked with toilet roll so it’s a good idea to pack a few rolls.
  7. Kitchen towels: Paper towels are great for easy everyday spills and clean up. They can even serve as a plate in a pinch for that late-night pizza order.

One of the joys of university is seeing your child mature and grow. Establishing their own routines is an important part of that growth, and we hope these tips help make the transition to university a bit easier - and cleaner. Unsure what to take to university? Read our article on what to take to university to make sure you don't miss anything.