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How to get rid of a bees' nest

Find out how to get rid of a bees’ nest without harming these all-important creatures.


By Cleanipedia Team

Bees crawling together over some planks of wood in a bees' nest in the home
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Key steps

  • Call a professional. A beekeeper will be able to relocate the hive.

  • Use moth balls hung near the nest to deter bees.

  • Natural spices like cinnamon are ideal for making bees leave and go elsewhere.

  • Use eucalyptus, citronella or mint oils to deter bees from your home.

Bees are vital to the ecosystem, but they don’t make ideal housemates (unless you’re a beekeeper!). If bees have set up home in your house, we'll show you how to get rid of a bees’ nest in your garden or home, without harming yourself or the all-important bees. Once you have evicted the bees from your home, check out our article on creating a bee friendly garden to help the ecosystem without bees setting up home with you.

Once you have successfully removed bees from your home, make sure you seal up entry points such as chimneys, cracks or holes in brickwork, faulty rood tiling and more.

How to get rid of a bees’ nest in the roof: steps to remove a bees’ nest from your home

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If you discover you have a bees’ nest in your home, there are some easy, humane ways to move them on without killing them. Read on for easy steps for how to get rid of bees’ nest in wall cavities, rooves and more.

  1. Call a professional. When it comes to understanding how to get rid of a bees’ nest; the best and most humane way to move them on is to call a beekeeper. They will be able to relocate the hive away from your home and give you advice on how to prevent them returning.

  2. Try using moth balls. Whilst you may think these are only designed to deter moths, they are also a great way to get rid of bees. The smell they give off prevents the bees from wanting to return. All you need to do is hang them near the nest and give them time to relocate.

  3. Use natural spices. If you’re after a natural way to deter bees, cinnamon is a great choice. Sprinkle it around the bees’ nest every day, and they will want to make a new home somewhere else.

  4. Spray essential oils. Whilst bees are attracted to the sweet smells produced by perfumes and other products we use, they do not like certain scents. Spray essential oils such as eucalyptus, citronella or mint to create a natural bee deterrent in your home.

Now you have some top tips for how to get rid of bumble bees’ nest, you can do so safely without having to kill these important creatures. If you need more pest removal advice, check out our articles on how to remove silverfish, how to get rid of fruit flies or even how to get rid of woodlice.

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