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How to get rid of aphids

Are these teeny invaders causing trouble in your garden? Stop them in their tracks with our simple guide on how to get rid of aphids on plants.


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By Cleanipedia Team

How to get rid of greenfly: aphids on a plant stem
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Key steps

  • Hose your plants down.

  • Spray the leaves with a washing-up liquid and water mix every 2-3 days until the aphids are gone.

  • Use a commercial product according to manufacturer’s guidelines.

  • Keep them away with natural predators like ladybugs.

  • Plant oregano, catnip and other strong-smelling plants to deter aphids.

Left alone, aphids can take over plants in your garden. Here we have a simple guide to help you understand how to get rid of greenfly and protect plants from a second attack, including natural aphid-repelling ingredients you can find in your own home!

Did you know that you can get rid of aphids with products you find at home? Simply mix 3 tsp washing-up liquid with water to make a homemade insecticide

How to get rid of aphids: 3 easy methods to try

Knowing how to get rid of greenfly on roses and other plants is actually pretty simple.

  1. Have your tried hosing them down? If there is a minor infestation of aphids on your plants, a great way to get rid of them is with a simple stream of water!

    • Make sure you hose down the whole of the plant, from top to bottom and including the underside of each leaf.

    • Hose your plant down every 2-3 days until there are no signs of aphids any longer. It could take 2 weeks or longer to fully remove them all.

    • N.B. This will only work for early signs of aphids. For more major infestations, try out one of the following methods.

  2.  Did you know you can make your own DIY insecticidal soap? For a larger infestation this is a great method to try.

    •  Mix 3 tsp of washing-up liquid with 4 cups of water.

    • Add the mix to a spray bottle.

    • Spray the mix over the affected plants.

    • Don’t forget to cover the leaves (including the underside), stems and buds.

    • Spray again every 2-3 days until you no longer see aphids on the plant.

    • Check out our full guide to homemade insecticides for more ideas!

  3. If a DIY homemade mix doesn’t work, it may be time to try a strong, commercial pesticide. Always read the label and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for use.

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Preventing a repeat invasion

Now you know how to get rid of aphids on plants, here are our top tips to keep them away!

  • Introduce a predator into the mix.

    • There are a few different bugs which love to eat aphids. These include ladybugs, lacewings and parasitic wasps.

    • Build up a habitat to encourage these species into your garden. This includes flowers ground plants such as cosmos or stonecrop.

    • Alternatively, you can actually order these to your home to release them into your garden.

  • Add in some aphid repellents. Strong scented plants are great at keeping them away for example:

    • Oregano

    • Chive

    • Sage

    • Marigolds

    • Catnip

  • Mix a dormant oil (a commercial pest-control product) with water and spray it over the areas you want to keep aphid free. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions when using these products.

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So, there you go! Once you’ve mastered how to get rid of aphids on roses and more, you can enjoy a flourishing and less nibbled-at garden in peace.

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