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Toilet Cleaning From The Inside Out

Clean Your Toilet From The Inside Out With Domestos Rim Blocks Today!



Keep your bathroom safe and germ-free when you use Domestos Rim Blocks. The bathroom is one of the busiest places in any home, so it is important to always keep it clean and germ-free. Protect your family from germs and dirt by putting Domestos Rim Blocks in your toilet.

What does a Rim Block Do?

Every time you flush the toilet, there is the risk of dirt and limescale build-up, not to mention the spread of germs. Imagine this: every time someone flushes the toilet, germs fly around the bathroom due to the water pressure spreading visible and invisible droplets. Putting down the lid of the toilet seat is hardly enough to keep the germs at bay.

If left unchecked, these germs and dirt can multiply, spread to the rest of the bathroom and create a breeding ground for contamination and infection. The germs and dirt will end up clinging to the people who use the bathroom—our family! Yikes!

Long-lasting benefits from Domestos

Domestos Rim Blocks have unique germ-fighting properties that help the toilet stay clean even after it has been washed down. Here are some of the benefits of using Domestos Rim Blocks:

  1. Limescale prevention

  2. Rich foam

  3. Fragrance

  4. Removes dirt

  5. Adds shine

Where To Place Toilet Rim Block?

Putting a rim block in your toilet is so easy! All you need to do is to hook it on the toilet rim where the flow of water is strongest and leave it there. With every flush, you can enjoy the five key benefits of using Domestos Rim Blocks: dirt removal, shine, lasting fragrance, limescale prevention, and rich foam.

How To Fit Toilet Rim Block?

To use, unfold the hanger of the rim block and break the plastic hook. To maximise the benefits, place it in the part of the toilet where the flow of water is strongest. In this way, the germ-fighting properties of the rim block can kill the germs and dirt before it has a chance to spread! Not only will it sanitize the toilet, but it will also leave it looking shiny and smelling good!

Is A Toilet Rim Block The Same As A Liquid Rim Block?

Both toilet rim blocks and liquid rim blocks function by killing germs in the toilet but come in different formats. Choosing which one to use is a matter of preference. Both work just fine!

Should I Buy A Toilet Rim Block?

Yes, you should buy toilet rim blocks. Like we said before, the bathroom can be one of the dirtiest places in any house and is prone to gunk and germ build-up. Your home will benefit from toilet blocks as they keep the area clean and sanitised throughout the day, each time someone flushes the toilet.

Toilet blocks can reach areas that most people miss when they do surface cleaning, like the inner rim.

Every time someone flushes the toilet, not only will it kill germs and get rid of dirt, it will also add shine to the surface of the toilet bowl, prevent the build-up of limescale and leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean!

Win the war on germs when you choose the best rim block for your toilet. Go for Domestos!

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