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Toilet Disinfecting Tips - Disinfecting Products

Read for tips and a range of disinfecting products to use.


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Toilet Disinfecting Tips - Disinfecting Products
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Toilet Disinfecting Tips

It goes without saying that the bathroom, and most especially the toilet, are one of the rooms in the home that needs the most disinfecting. Whether you live with one other person, or a group of people, keeping the bathroom clean and disinfected is an important daily task. We take a look at the dirtiest places in any bathroom that need the most attention, and which great toilet disinfectants we recommend tackling the toughest germs too.

Where Are The Dirtiest Places In The Bathroom?

The Toilet

The toilet comes up trumps for the dirtiest part of any bathroom and only because it’s the most obvious spot for germs to live and grow. Also, when you flush, the water can swirl and splash up onto the seat, floor, and even surrounding walls.

The Shower

The shower floor and the showerhead are also prime places for dirt and mould to grow. They are often enclosed and can stay damp and dark all day, which is a prime breeding ground for germs and bacteria to live in.

The Bath

We all love to soak in a long, hot bath but that means that body oils and any germs can linger on the bathtub surface long after we’re out. With all the areas above, the key is to use a disinfectant toilet cleaner that is formulated to kill germs fast. That’s why we recommend using powerful Domestos to get the job done well.

How To Disinfect A Toilet Seat?

When cleaning in, around and on top of the toilet it’s best to start with a toilet seat disinfectant that contains bleach or has been formulated especially for bathroom cleaning. Here’s how to clean a toilet seat well:

  • Spray your product onto the seat, under it, in the bowl, and on any other surfaces you can see within the toilet seat vicinity.

  • Allow it to stand for a few minutes to let the active ingredients penetrate the dirt and kill the germs.

  • Wash away with warm water and a clean, dry cloth.

What Are The Best Toilet Disinfectant Products?

When it comes to toilet seat cleaners, we highly recommend having readily available products that can be found at all good supermarkets. Domestos promises to kill all know germs dead. Domestos contains bleach, unlike many other products, which is absolutely essential for deep cleaning the toilet seat and bowl. Domestos also clings to the bowl long after you’ve flushed to help prevent germs and bacteria from clinging to the surface.

Keep your bathroom and toilet seats in the best possible conditions by using the best toilet disinfectant products. You’ll get more bang for your buck and you’ll rest assured that your bathroom is as hygienic and germ-free as possible.

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