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How to Fold T-shirts

Folding t-shirts is not as easy as it sounds. We have simple tips on folding t-shirts in a way that will keep them looking neater and save space in your closet.


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How to fold t-shirts

There is a knack to folding t-shirts that not everyone knows. If you fold t-shirts correctly, including storing them properly, you can actually save space in your cupboard and make sure that it never looks like a bomb has gone off in there either.

Here is our favourite (and the most simple) step-by-step guide on how to fold t-shirts to prevent them from creasing. We’ll also give you some tricks on how to fold t-shirts when you’re travelling and give you tips on keeping your t-shirts neatly stored.

How to Fold T-shirts Easily

Easily is the operative word here because, after all, who has the time to spend hours meticulously folding t-shirts, right? If you follow these easy steps, you’ll not only learn how to fold t-shirts neatly but quickly too. Also, if you spend a little extra time in this process, smoothing the t-shirt material over, you won’t even need to iron the t-shirt first – saving you even more time.

Step 1 – Smoothing

Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface, front facing down. Smooth the t-shirt down all over with your hands to get rid of any wrinkles or creases. If the t-shirt is particularly creased, then you may need to give it a quick iron first before folding.

Step 2 – 1st Fold

Fold the shirt in half lengthwise, matching one sleeve on top of the other – otherwise known as a vertical fold. The shirt should comfortably be folded in half and both sleeves should lay easily on top of each other. Give the material another smooth over now to get rid of any extra wrinkles.

Step 3 – 2nd Fold

Take both sleeves of the t-shirt together and fold them down toward the middle of the shirt. Once folded down, give both sleeves a good smooth down.

Step 4 – 3rd Fold

For the third and final fold, take the top of the shirt and fold it down to meet the bottom – otherwise called a horizontal fold. And that is that - a perfectly folded t-shirt that is ready to be stored. If you wanted to make the t-shirt even smaller, you could fold it once again in half – this will just depend on your storage space and style.

Tricks to Folding T-shirts

When it comes to how to properly fold t-shirts, there are a few must-do tricks that can ensure the t-shirts stay as crease-free as possible.

Try to fold your t-shirts as quickly as possible after you’ve taken the t-shirt off the line or out of the dryer. If you do this, you shouldn’t need to iron your t-shirts before folding them.

Fresh out of time and need your t-shirt to go? Simply hang your t-shirt on a coat hanger and allow it to hang for 30 minutes or so. This will allow the creases and wrinkles to drop out and you’ll be able to wear it in no time. If you’re driving somewhere, simply hang the t-shirt from the hanger in the car while you drive, it’ll be ready to wear when you arrive at your destination.

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How to Fold T-Shirts When Travelling

When you’re travelling and have to fit a few items of clothes into a small suitcase, there is a different way to fold clothes that is uber-space saving. Here’s how to fold t-shirts using the Army Roll Method:

  • Place the t-shirt on a flat surface and smooth out any wrinkles or creases.

  • Roll the bottom of the shirt up about 6 – 10cms, tucking it under itself to form a fold.

  • Bring the left side of the t-shirt into the centre and tuck the sleeve in. Bring the right side of the t-shirt in too and tuck the sleeve in.

  • Start by rolling the shirt as tightly as you can, from the top to the bottom.

  • Once you reach the bottom, tuck the rolled shirt under the fold that you made in the first step, to keep it securely in the roll so that it won’t come undone.

How to Store Folded T-shirts On Shelves

The best way to store t-shirts in your wardrobe is to keep them folded on a shelf. When you hang t-shirts from hangers, they can tend to stretch out at the neckline. If you fold your t-shirts as we’ve explained, it will be easy to stack them on top of each other, which will also allow you to see what shirts you have from the front of the cupboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Folding T-shirts

What is the best way to fold t-shirts?

Want to know the best way to fold t-shirts? Simply read our blog above. We give you the four-step method on folding your t-shirts easily and we give you tips on how to roll your t-shirts when travelling.

How do you fold a t-shirt without creasing it?

If you fold your t-shirts as soon as they’ve come off the line or out of the dryer, then all you should have to do is smooth the t-shirt well while folding it to prevent creasing.

How do you fold t-shirts, so they don't unfold?

If you want to make sure that your t-shirts don’t come unfolded when travelling, use the Army Roll Method. Read our blog above to find out how.

Why should t-shirts be folded?

When you fold your t-shirts, you can prevent them from stretching out – like they would if they are hung up – and you can save time on having to iron them too.

How to store folded t-shirts?

We recommend always storing your folded t-shirts in a stack in your cupboard.

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