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How To Keep Odours Out Of Your Clothes

We all want to keep those moments where you have to sniff the air and wonder, “Is that odour coming from me?”, to a minimum.


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How To Keep Odors Out Of Your Clothes
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Having to go about your day in clothes that don’t smell great can be embarrassing and take your confidence down a notch. Not to mention that feeling of frustration when you find that your freshly washed laundry load still smells funky.

If you’ve ever wondered why your clothes come out of the wash smelling less than fresh or searched for solutions on how to remove smells from clothes like sweat and damp odours, we’ve got the answers for you. Read on as we unpack ways to help you say goodbye to smelly clothes with our tips and tricks to transform bad odours in your laundry into fabulously fragranced and smelling fresh and clean.

What Causes Odours In Your Clothes?

When we wash our clothes or any other laundry item for that matter, we expect them to come out of the washing machine smelling fresh and clean. Unfortunately, though, that’s not always the case as sneaky smells work their way into the fabric of your clothes. To effectively treat smells and odours in your clothes, it’s essential to understand what causes them in the first place. Here are some of the main offenders when it comes to odours in your clothes:

  • Letting your load pile up - Maybe it’s because you have a big family which results in mountain-sized laundry piles, or because you have a large machine, so you let the load pile up, we’re all guilty of leaving dirty laundry to sit. The problem is that letting dirty clothes sit allows the odours to penetrate deeper into the fabrics, which makes the smell stick.

  • Fabric type - Certain kinds of fabric, like synthetic fabrics, trap odours more than others.

  • Too much detergent - Using too much detergent can cause it to build up and form a residue that traps odours in your clothes.

How To Remove Smells From Clothes

Now that you know some of the factors that can cause your clothes to have an odour, let’s explore some of the ways you can get rid of those odours so that you can enjoy delightfully fragranced laundry, every time.

Whether you’re wondering about the best ways to remove sweat smells from clothes or how to remove damp smells from clothes or get the smell of body odour out of your laundry, these 3 tips can help.

  1. Don’t let your laundry sit

There are so many reasons why you might decide to let your laundry pile up between wash days. But letting clothes with odours sit around allows the odour-causing bacteria to sink deeper into the fabric, making it even harder to get rid of the smell. Try to let your dirty or smelly clothes air out until you’re ready to wash them to prevent odours from lingering on your clothes.

2. Use a fabric conditioner

Infuse some freshness into your clothes with Comfort’s range of fabric conditioners. The Comfort range of fabric conditioners is specially formulated with encapsulated fragrance technology to deliver blissful bursts of fragrance to your clothes once you wash and as you wear them.

The Comfort line of fabric conditioners is designed to tackle odours in clothes, head-on. With a delightful range of sensational scents, you can find the perfect Comfort fabric conditioner to pack fantastic fragrances into your clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions on How To Keep Odours Out Of Your Clothes

Do clothes absorb bad smells?

Yes, the fibres in the fabric of your clothes can trap and absorb bad smells.

How do you get a bad smell out of clothes without washing them?

You can steam your clothes or spray them with a water and vinegar solution and then leave them to air-dry before wearing.

What is the most effective fabric conditioner to eliminate odour on clothes?

To eliminate odour from your clothes, use any Comfort fabric conditioner and infuse your clothes with delightful fragrances.

Does vinegar get rid of bad odour on clothes?

Yes, vinegar does help to get rid of bad odours on clothing.

Why do my clothes not smell fresh after doing the laundry?

There are a number of factors that can lead to your clothes still smelling after you’ve washed them like stubborn odour stains, ineffective detergents and not using a quality fabric softener like Comfort fabric conditioner.

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