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The Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Range

The Comfort range is a fabric conditioner range that releases fresh fragrances into your laundry, reducing static cling and making ironing easier.


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The Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Range
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Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner

Keeping your and your family’s clothing clean and looking as good as new is not a full-time job for most of us. In our busy lives of work, school, extra-murals and other obligations, we need to use products that can help us be more efficient with our time. Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner does just that. It is designed to protect the fibres of your clothing from colour fading, damage, and shape loss. It also keeps your clothes looking brand new, enabling you to have more time to focus on your other commitments.

What is Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Range?

The Comfort Core range of fabric conditioners is available in three fragrance options;

At Cleanipedia, we love a good recommendation. Here’s why we think you should give the Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner range of fragrances a try:

Investing in a Green Future

All Comfort fabric conditioner bottles are made from 100% recyclable plastic. That means that the entire bottle is made from 100% recyclable plastic. Comfort is truly invested in a green future because they have also introduced a 400ml and 800ml refill package option, so that you can simply keep your original bottle and reuse time after time.

Use Less, Get More

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When you choose the Comfort Core range, you'll essentially be able to use less liquid and get more washes. The 800ml concentrate can wash up to 20 washes, which is as much as a standard 2L softener is able to offer.

Fragrance for Days

Comfort’s encapsulated fragrance technology infuses the fibres of the clothing with fragrance. This literally means that a burst of fragrance is released from freshly washed clothes every time you move.

Other Comfort Fabric Conditioner Ranges

Comfort has also created an additional two ranges of fabric conditioners that are absolutely worth trying at home too.

Comfort Pure

The Comfort Pure range of conditioners is designed to be gentle on the garments of people with sensitive skins. Dermatologically tested as safe to use on baby’s clothes with sensitive skin, it still creates long-lasting softness on your clothing without the worry.

Comfort Perfume Deluxe

This deluxe range of fabric conditioners is available in three beautiful scents: Comfort Divine Petals, Comfort Heavenly Nectar, and Comfort Lily. It is designed to protect the fibres in your clothing from fading and is a superior product to use.

How to Use Comfort?

Using Comfort couldn’t be simpler. Here’s how:

  • When machine washing, simply add one capful of Comfort conditioner to the fabric softener dispenser in your machine.

  • When hand washing, pour one capful of conditioner into a bucket of water for a normal-sized load which is approximately 20 shirts.

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