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How to Remove Lint from Clothes

Lint is a fact of life when it comes to washing and drying clothing, but can you get rid of it? Yes!


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How to Remove Lint from Clothes
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We understand that removing lint from your clothing can be time-consuming and incredibly annoying too. Lint makes your clothes look messy and it can also decrease the lifespan of fabrics You might think that the only way to remove lint is to take your clothes to a professional dry cleaner, which is not the case.

We’ve created this handy guide on how to get rid of lint on clothes – quickly and easily without damage.

What is Lint and Why Does it Form?

First things first, let’s understand what lint is and why it is there in the first place. Lint is a build-up of fibre fabrics, commonly also known as fuzz. Fibres shed off clothing wash after wash, and these fuzzy fibres ball together to form lint build-up or pilling on your clothing. Lint is created over time where there is a mix of friction, static, and heat. Keen to know how to get rid of pilling on clothes? Carry on reading for more tips.

Top 6 Tips for Preventing Lint Build-up

So, there are a few things you can do to prevent lint from building up on your clothing in the first place. If you start with these, you can reduce the amount of lint that will gather.

  • If you wash your clothing on a cold wash and on a gentle cycle, you’ll prevent build-up from being as bad as it would be, if you choose a hot cycle and vigorous wash.

  • Sort your fabrics by fabric type. Never put woollen jerseys in with jeans for example. Wash delicate fabrics together and wash hardier fabrics with buttons or zippers together too.

  • Use a quality fabric conditioner like Comfort fabric conditioner to help protect the fibres on your clothes and laundry.

  • Never put blankets, wool, or towels in with clothing. Towelling and other fluffy fabrics are notorious ‘shedders’ and can cause more lint to build up on your garments.

  • Tumble dryers make heat, which makes more lint. If you want to prevent lint from building up in the first place, consider line-drying your clothes outside when possible.

  • Keep dog beds away from the washing machine. As much as we want to ensure that Fido has clean, cared for beds, placing them in the washing machine (especially with any other fabrics) is going to increase lint build-up. It’s best to hand wash doggy bedding, if possible.

How to Remove Fuzz from Clothes

Once it’s there, how to get rid of lint balls on clothes is the next logical question, right? When you choose to wash your clothing with a great quality washing detergent like Skip, you’ll be investing in a product that actually helps to remove bobbles and prevent lint build-up over time. Here’s how:

One of the five signs of clothes ageing is bobbling or pilling. Bobbling or pilling can actually age fabrics and make them look and feel tougher than they are. Luckily, Skip has come up with an anti-ageing formulation that actually prevents bobbles from starting in the first place. The Fibre Care Technology that the new Skip is formulated with helps to prevent bobbles and protects your clothes wash after wash.

Apart from using a washing liquid, like Skip, here’s what else you can do to get rid of bobbling on clothes;

  • Wash your clothing inside out

  • Use a lint roller

  • Use a pumice stone

  • Use wool dryer balls or dryer sheets in the tumble dryer.

For more clothing tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia today.

Frequently Asked Questions on Lint Balls

What are Lint Balls?

Lint balls are tiny bundles of fabric fibres that have been built-up and bobbled together over time.

What Causes Fabric Pilling on Clothes?

Friction, static and heat are the recipe for creating lint build-up.

How to Prevent Lint Balls From Forming on Your Clothes?

Read our blog above for five tips on preventing lint balls from forming on your clothes. You can also find out how to get rid of lint once it’s already there.

Can you Rewash Clothes to Remove Lint?

You can rewash clothing with Skip, to get rid of lint and bobbling over time.

What Causes Lint on Clothes After Washing?

When you wash clothing on a high heat setting or with hardier fabrics, it can create lint build-up wash after wash.

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