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Comfort Fabric Conditioner - Why Use It?

Need long lasting-fragrance in your laundy? Look no further!


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Comfort Fabric Conditioner - Why Use It?

Why Use A Fabric Softener?

Machine washing puts great stress on natural fibres such as cotton and wool. The fibres in the fabric surface are squashed and frayed. Then, when you dry your laundry, the fabric feels hard against your skin.

If you add a liquid fabric softener like Comfort fabric softener to the wash, your laundry feels soft and comfortable. Fabric softeners also reduce friction between fibres. With less static cling, your clothes don’t wear and tear so easily.

Why Should I Use Comfort Fabric Softener?

Here are 5 good reasons to choose Comfort:

1. Concentrated

Fabric softeners are not created equal: Comfort fabric softener has a unique concentrated formula. You don’t have to dilute it. Because it is concentrated, Comfort fabric conditioner comes in smaller bottles. The smaller bottles are easy to use, and the size makes storage convenient, without having to compromise on the number of washes you can get out of them. Comfort’s packaging in smaller bottles requires less plastic than most brands. Thus it has a smaller impact on the environment. So: Comfort is great for your laundry, and the packaging helps protect the environment.

2. Delightful Fragrances

Comfort softener offers delightfully fresh fragrances. It is available in seven fragrance variants. You will definitely find one or more fragrances to love. The four well-known variants are Pure, Morning Fresh, Elegance, and Uplifting. The luxurious Comfort Perfume Deluxe range with three fragrances is also available, including the Divine Petals, Heavenly Nectar, and Lily scents. Crafted by perfume experts, these unique fragrances follow the latest trends in fine fragrance.

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3. Encapsulated Fragrance Technology

Comfort’s laboratories formulated the unique Encapsulated Fragrance Technology, designed to keep your clothes fresher for longer. During the wash cycle, the micro-sized fragrance capsules soak deep into your clothes’ fabric. When you wear the clothes, the tiny capsules are embedded in the fabric. They then release bursts of freshness as you move.

4. Cares for your clothes

Comfort fabric softener does more than make your clothes soft and smell fresh. It protects the fibre’s colour, maintains the shape of your items, and makes it easier to iron your clothes.

5. Experienced Manufacturer

Comfort fabric softener South Africa is a product of Unilever. The company started operations within South Africa in 1891. Unilever products have been trusted by South Africans for over 125 years!

How To Use Comfort Fabric Softener

Although Comfort is a concentrate, you don’t dilute it to use. This means you use much less. One small-cap or less is all you need for softness and long-lasting freshness. Comfort fabric conditioner use is easy. If you hand wash your laundry, you wash with detergent or soap and rinse. Then fill the bucket with clean water and pour ½ a cap of Comfort in the water. Soak the laundry for 5 minutes in the bucket before hanging out to dry.

For front load washing machines, pour 1 cap of Comfort in the additives slot at the start of the wash cycle.

If you use a top loader machine that offers an additives slot, you also pour 1 cap in the slot at the start of the wash. If the machine is without an additives slot, pour 1 cap of Comfort into the washtub in the last rinse cycle.

Comfort fabric conditioner use is essential to keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh. Get your Comfort now!

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