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How to Unwrinkle Clothes: 7 Genius Tips

It’ll happen to the best of us, desperately in need of ironing a shirt for that important meeting and the iron doesn’t work. Or load shedding hits and you need a genius hack to unwrinkle clothes without an iron or electricity


How to Unwrinkle Clothes: Genius At-Home Tips

Here are a few genius hacks on how to unwrinkle clothes at home, that will get those pesky wrinkles out of your clothing in no time – with or without electricity:

How to Unwrinkle Clothes Without an Iron?

Whether the iron is broken, or the electricity is off, we’ve got some extra cool hacks to try at home that will help get wrinkles out of most fabric types in a jiffy.

Steam Is Your Best Friend

Steam is a great way to remove wrinkles on clothes, especially during load shedding times. You can use steam to get rid of wrinkles in clothes in a few ways:

Kettle or Pot Steam

A great option during load shedding if you have a gas stove. Put a pot of water on to boil or use a stove-top kettle. Once it’s boiling, move the fabric through the steam (keeping it about 30cm away from the steam) to get rid of the wrinkles.

Be sure not to place your hand or face in the stream of steam to avoid getting burned. This works well for shirt collars or areas of small wrinkles that need to get straightened out quickly.

Blow-dry Away those Creases

If the electricity is on, or the inverter is plugged in, and you need to unwrinkle your clothes without an iron, why not enlist the help of your hair dryer? All you have to do is hang the clothing on a clothes hanger or lay it down on a flat surface. Spritz the garment with a light spray of water and then blow dry it with the hair dryer on the hottest heat. Just make sure you keep the dryer a few centimetres away from the clothing so as not to burn it.

The Mattress Roll and Squish Method

Ever heard of this method to straighten clothes? If you’ve got some time before you have to put on the wrinkled clothing and rush out the door, this is a great way to flatten out clothing. Lay your garment on the base of the bed and smooth out the fabric. Roll the garment up like a sausage and lay your mattress on top of it. Leave it for 15 – 20 minutes. Voila! You’ve just got rid of the wrinkles.

Got a Tumble Dryer?

A trusty tumble dryer is another good way to get rid of clothes that are wrinkled in no time at all. Simply pop your article of clothing into the tumble dryer – but first, make sure it can be tumble dried by checking the garment care label. Leave it in the dryer for 5 – 10 minutes and hang it up to cool down, the wrinkles will simply drop out of it thanks to the heat of the dryer.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Wrinkled Clothes.

How do You Unwrinkle Clothes Fast?

You need heat or steam to un-wrinkle clothes fast. Using our tips above, you’ll be able to get your clothes wrinkle-free in no time. Try steam from the shower or a pot, your hair dryer, or even the tumble dryer for great results.

Can you Unwrinkle Clothes by Wearing Them?

Some fabrics can un-wrinkle themselves simply by being worn, like denim and some synthetic fabrics. But fabrics like silk and cotton generally need heat or steam to get rid of wrinkles.

How Do You Get Wrinkles Out of Clothes Without an Iron or Steamer?

Got a hair dryer at home? Blow the hot air on the clothing that is wrinkled to get rid of the lines. Or try and mattress roll and squish method too.

Why are My Clothes so Wrinkled After Washing?

If you do not use a good fabric conditioner like Comfort, it can lead to your clothes becoming more wrinkled. Choose a good quality fabric softener like Comfort to help keep your clothing wrinkle-free. Also, consider hanging your clothes out to dry in natural light to avoid getting too wrinkled.

How do You Wash Clothes, so They don't Get Wrinkled?

Using good quality laundry detergents and fabric conditioners can help your clothing remain wrinkle-free after washing. Always read your clothing care labels to make sure which cycle to wash your clothes on for best results too.

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