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Pyjama party ideas for kids

Look no further than our sleepover games and ideas if you want to host the best slumber party.


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Sleepovers are always exciting for little ones. The idea of blanket forts, tasty treats, and later bedtimes is too good to pass up! They’re an important part of childhood and, if you do them right, something your youngster will remember forever. To help you ace yours every time, check out these great pyjama party ideas for kids that’ll be sure to keep all your guests happy.

Ask your little one if they have any pyjama party ideas and involve them in the planning to make them even more excited!

Matching pyjamas

Not only does this make for some very cute photo opportunities, matching pyjamas are also a great way to make everyone feel included and add something a little extra special to the night. To avoid any arguments, pick the style yourself and have them ready and waiting for the youngsters when they arrive. You’ll get bonus points if they all get a little teddy too!

Movie night

If you’re looking for slumber party ideas that’ll keep the kids quiet for a little bit and isn’t too hard to manage, a movie night is definitely the way to go. Set up a room with plenty of blankets, popcorn, and a selection of movies they can pick from.

Sleepover games

No slumber party is complete without games, so check out these sleepover party ideas and pick a few to organise for yours:

  • Pass the parcel

  • Dress-up competition

  • Dance competition

  • Treasure hunts

  • Pin the tail on the donkey

  • Apple bobbing

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Sleepover party themes

Having a great theme for your slumber party can make it easier to organise games and make sure the night is one to remember. Girls sleepover ideas and boys sleepover ideas for themes can be different, so we’ve put together a list of unisex options you can take inspiration from:

  • Disney

  • Superheroes and princesses

  • Indoor camping

  • Ocean adventures

  • Jungle theme

Once you’ve found the perfect theme, use it to influence everything from sleepover party decorations to the food you serve. It makes it a lot easier to come up with creative ideas!

With these tips for a slumber party, you’ll be sure to host the best night for your youngster and all their friends. These work for sleepover birthday party ideas, too - just remember the birthday cake and balloons!

  • Pick a theme to make coming up with slumber party ideas a lot easier.

  • Organise matching pyjamas for your guests.

  • Set up a movie night with blankets and snacks.

  • Arrange sleepover games to keep everyone entertained.

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