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Cleaning Tips After Renovations

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Cleanipedia Handy Andy Cleaning Tips After Renovations

Home Renovation Cleaning Tips

Without a doubt, renovating your home is a messy affair. You can do as much as you can to prevent your furniture and larger decorative pieces from getting covered in dust (we'll tell you how) but you really can't prevent the walls, floors and surfaces in your home from getting covered in dust from the renovation works.

If you prepare yourself for what’s coming and do as much as you can to plan ahead, you’ll lessen the amount of cleaning after renovations you have to do. Here’s how to prepare your home for renovations, and what to do after, to clean your walls, floors and surfaces thoroughly.

How Do You Get Rid Of Dust After A Renovation

Before the builders get to work, here are a few tips to follow to prepare for the mess that’s about to start:

  • Remove as much of the larger pieces of furniture and decorative items as you can, including pictures, shelving, lamps and couches. Put them in storage or move them into another room while the renovations take place. This way you can keep your important and sentimental pieces from getting dust on and possibly even getting broken.

  • If you can't move your furniture, buy drop sheets from your local hardware store or paint shop, and cover as much of the furniture you can with the plastic sheets to help protect them.

  • Ask your builder to be as clean and tidy as possible. Ask your building team if it’s possible that they clean up as much as they can at the end of every working day, to prevent a large build up of rubble and dirt from lying around.

Cleaning after home renovations is a task all on its own, but thanks to these easy tips and some great products from Handy Andy, house cleaning after renovations will be a cinch.

Is Post Renovation Cleaning Necessary?

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Post renovation cleaning isn't only necessary but it’s an absolute must. With these five easy steps in the post-renovation cleaning checklist, getting your home post-reno ready will be easy.

Step 1 – Start With The Walls

After renovations, you'll find a fine (or even a thick) layer of dust has settled itself on just about every surface. The best way to clean dust after renovations is to start with the walls first. Use a great quality product like Handy Andy UltraFast Sprays and spray directly on the walls. Leave on for 10 seconds and then wipe off with a warm, damp cloth. For really dusty, dirty walls, you may have to repeat this process two or three times to get the best clean.

Step 2 – Vacuum Everything

If you have carpets in the home, be sure to vacuum absolutely every inch of the carpets to pick up the fine dust and debris that will inevitably have settled on the carpets. For really soiled carpets, consider getting a professional cleaning company in to give the carpets a thorough cleaning.

Step 3 – Clean All Surfaces

Now it’s time to tackle the surfaces in your home especially in the bathroom and kitchen, as you want to ensure that these areas are kept as hygienic as possible after the renovations. Use Handy Andy UltraFast Sprays for the kitchen and bathrooms to give your surfaces a fast-acting and highly effective clean.

Step 4 – Clean Windows & Glass

Cleaning all the windows and glass surfaces in your home will be next, as they will all have a noticeable layer of fine dust on them thanks to the renovations. Handy Andy UltraFast Sprays for Windows & Glass has a unique formula that is fast-acting at lifting dirt and leaving glass surfaces with a streak-free shine.

Step 5 – End With The Floors

Your home should almost be ready now. The last step in the post-reno cleaning process is to give the floors a good clean. Use Handy Andy All in 1 Floor Cleaner for best results on most floor types. Simply dilute three caps of the floor cleaner in a 3.5L bucket of warm water and mop the floor surfaces you need to. Handy Andy All in 1 Floor Cleaner with the power of Domestos, will kill 99.9% of germs and will give you a streak-free shine on your floor surfaces.

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