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DIY shoes storage hacks

Too many shoes and nowhere to keep them? Get busy with our DIY shoe storage ideas.


DIY shoes storage hacks

Muddy shoes cluttering the hallway isn’t exactly a welcoming sight in a home, but sometimes finding the right place to put them all seems impossible! Luckily, when it comes to shoe storage ideas, DIY options can be easy to achieve and a great solution to your problem. Tidy up your home and keep your kicks out of the way with our shoe organiser ideas below.

Before considering any shoe storage ideas, go through all of your shoes and donate those that you don’t wear anymore - it’ll save a lot of space!

DIY shoe rack ideas

If you want to properly look after your shoes, storage is essential. This unique take on a shoe rack could be just what you need. Make sure you have PVC pipes large enough to fit your shoes inside and something to hold them all together.

Arrange the pipes so the circular opening faces outwards - making it easy for you to slot your shoes inside - and stack them into whatever shape you want. You can then fix them together with a glue gun or tie them together with heavy duty rope. Simple!

Shoe shelf ideas for storage

Storing your shoes on a shelf can be a great solution, but it can also get messy. Keep your shoes out of site by adding buckets or boxes to your shelving unit where you can pop them in. Make sure to match their style with the rest of your interior!

Rolling shoe storage ideas

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If you’re looking for something a little more hidden than basic shoe cupboard ideas, rolling storage units are a great solution. They’re easy to move about as they’re on wheels, and you can hide them away under beds, benches and tables. To make your own rolling DIY shoe storage, start by finding a suitable storage item. This could be as simple as planks of wood to place the shoes on or drawers from a unit. Then, attach the wheels by glueing or screwing them in place.

DIY shoe ladder

Want to know how to store shoes in a way that’s both functional and attractive? Why not create a shoe ladder. It’s super simple to do - all you need are planks of wood, screws, and a screwdriver. Make sure two of your planks are much longer than the others - to make up the height of your ladder - and screw your shorter planks in between them to create "rungs".

Fix the ladder to a wall securely so there's no chance of accidents and pop your shoes on each shelf. You can also add a few decorative elements such as books and plants to make it more of a feature.

Now that you have these ideas to take inspiration from, knowing where to store shoes will become easy! 

  • Apply a waterproof spray to new shoes.

  • When you come inside, be sure to get rid of any mud and dirt with a cloth or brush.

  • If your shoes are smelly and they’re machine-washable, pop them in the washer with a good quality washing liquid like OMO.

  • If they’re damp, leave them in a warm, ventilated space before storing them.

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