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How to cover a sofa: DIY couch cover ideas

Protect your sofa with our DIY couch cover ideas or cover up the damage that’s already been done.


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Key steps:

Using a throw as a DIY couch cover? Here’s some inspiration for how you can arrange it:

  1. Tuck the throw in beneath the couch cushions and use velcro to tuck it beneath the sofa for a neat look.

  2. Fold it and drape it over one side to cover the damage.

  3. Use an oversized throw and drape it for a shabby chic look, adding plenty of cushions for a cosy feel.

From pets who enjoy sharpening their claws on your couch to spills from messy kids, there are a whole lot of reasons why your sofa might end up looking a little worse for wear. This is exactly where DIY couch cover ideas come in. By either covering your sofa before any damage is done or using it to hide any holes or stains you can keep it from becoming an eyesore.

Match your DIY couch cover to your decor by creating other DIY pieces such as tablecloths and decorative cushion covers from the same fabric.

How to make a couch cover

Learning how to make a slipcover for a couch is one of the best ways to protect yours from damage or cover what’s already been done - it’s much cheaper than a whole new sofa, too!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start with around 14.6m of fabric for a 2-cushion sofa, and 16.4m for 3 cushions.

  2. Create a pattern by draping the sofa in a cheap muslin, marking the sections with chalk and measuring properly before cutting the pattern.

  3. Lay your DIY sofa cover fabric out and place the pattern pieces on top, allowing a 1.5cm seam allowance for hems.

  4. Pin the pattern to the fabric before cutting.

  5. Start constructing your sofa cover by sewing the arm fronts to the armrests, before sewing the body of the slipcover.

  6. Sew the side sections to the body and test it on the sofa, adjusting as necessary.

  7. Sew your cushion covers.

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Once you’ve completed yours, you’ll have a full cover to place over your sofa and it’ll look brand new in no time!

Homemade sofa cover ideas

If learning how to make a sofa cover isn’t really your thing, there are plenty of other ways you can either protect or cover damage on your couch.

Here are just a few ideas that you can take inspiration from:

  • Throws and blankets - adding throws to your sofa not only makes it look super cosy but protects the fabric beneath too. These are especially good if you have furry friends who often sleep on your couch!

  • Cushions - for covering damage on your couch, cushions can work a treat. They’re easy to put in place and can be moved easily if you ever need to.

  • Bed sheets - bed sheets come in a whole variety of patterns and are thinner than blankets, making them ideal to drape over your sofa during the warmer months.

If you’re trying to find out how to cover a sofa with fabric to hide marks or stains, why not first take a look at our tips for cleaning your couch? You might be able to remove the damage completely instead.

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