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How to fix a hole in the wall and repair cracks

It’s not you - even the best-built houses develop holes and cracks in the walls. Learn how to fix them the right way!


How to fix a hole in the wall and repair cracks

Repairing cracks in the walls of your house is key to keeping it looking smart and homely - but where should you start? A crack might simply be the result of old or shoddy paintwork, but it could also indicate larger structural issues. Try these methods of dealing with cracks in the wall and learn how to make your home look as good as new with our tips.

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If there are any signs of instability in the wall, be sure to get the experts in rather than trying to manage it yourself. If in doubt, get an expert in too    

What causes cracks in walls?

Before you begin fixing a hole in the wall or a crack it’s important to know what has caused it.

The main reason that walls start to crack is the natural settling of a house over many years but they could also be a sign of deeper structural damage. Get a professional to have a look to rule out anything sinister before you start trying to fix them.

How to fix cracks in walls

Cracks in the paint or the superficial layer of your wall are generally fine to sort yourself - try one of our methods below to get started.

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1) Fixing cracks in walls due to old paint

If you’re wondering how to repair a hole in the wall that's very shallow, the first thing to check is whether the wall is damaged or you've just lost a few layers of paint. Surface paint damage doesn't require any structural work which makes fixing it much easier:

  • Remove any remaining paint from that area of the wall - look for signs of flaking.

  • Sand and clean the surface.

  • Apply a small amount of multi-purpose filler to the hole. Smooth it out and leave to set.

  • Once dried, sand the area until it's flat with the surrounding wall.

  • Paint the patch to match the wall. You will likely need to give the whole wall a fresh coat to get an even finish.

2) Fixing cracks in drywall

When it comes to how to repair a hole in the wall, those in drywall are the most straight forward:

  • Use a utility knife to cut around the edges of the wall just enough so you can vacuum out any dust or dirt.

  • Cover the crack with mesh following a thin layer of joint compound.

  • Make sure to spread it out across either side of the crack to make sure it’ll stick.

  • Let it dry, then apply another layer of joint compound.

  • Once that’s dry, simply sand it down and paint!

3) Fixing cracks in plaster wall (patching)

If the crack requires plaster wall patching, here’s how to do it:

  • For smaller cracks, you can use the joint compound method as above.

  • For larger ones, you may need to use spray adhesive. Spray it into the hold from the lowest point upwards and allow it to cure as required. 

If in doubt with any of these methods, speak to a professional and get assistance.

And those are our top tips when it comes to how to repair cracks in plasters walls and how to fill a hole in the wall. Just be sure not to rush this project as you don’t want to get it wrong!

  • Check whether the crack is indicative of any structural damage.

  • If not, use the most appropriate method to fix it depending on the type of wall.

  • Once you’ve filled the crack, be sure to sandpaper over the join for a smooth finish.

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