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How to get rid of moles

Got a problem with garden pests? Learn how to get rid of moles in the yard, lawn or garden with our range of tips.


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To many people, moles are furry little creatures mostly known for their appearance on cute animal pictures searches online. But for a select few, moles are not so benign. Moles on the property can be a big problem for a proud gardener, so if you’re suffering from an acute case of mole-itis and need to know how to get rid of moles in a garden or yard, read on! 

First off, it’s important to be aware that there are some more extreme answers to how to get rid of moles in a yard or elsewhere. Some not-so-pleasant traps and other devices exist, but these are illegal in many places or at a minimum require a license. Luckily, if you’re asking ‘how to get rid of moles in my lawn’ these solutions aren’t your only option. There are a number of different devices out there that will repel moles from your space without doing them harm.

Moles like moist areas, so you can try improving soil drainage to discourage them.

Signs of moles: what to look out for

Before you work out how to get rid of moles, it’s important to know the key signs that they’re there. It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that moles are the problem when in fact there are other common pests which could be present. To know whether you’ve got moles, check for these key signs:

  1. Mole hills. These are usually little triangular piles of soil or dirt that appear in your lawn for no apparent reason.

  2. Signs of tunnelling. Moles tunnel beneath the ground to get around, often between mole hills, so look for disturbances in the lawn in narrow lines stretching between the hills.

  3. Sightings. Most obviously some people know they have a problem with moles because they catch sight of them.

How to get rid of moles in your garden

OK, so you know you’ve got moles. What next? Here are a few options for how to get rid of moles in your yard or anywhere else on your property:

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  1. High pitched noise emitters. Similar to those designed for mice and other pests, you can get specially designed noise emitters that sound out a frequency heard by moles that are highly unpleasant. This discourages them from staying on your property and gets them to seek a home elsewhere.

  2. Mole repellent sticks. In soft lawn environments, it can be worth trying mole repellent sticks. Available from larger garden stores, these contain substances that are off-putting to moles and are designed to get them to stay well away.

  3. Nuggets/liquid. These work in the same way as the mole repellent sticks – they contain substances (usually castor oil) that moles don’t much like. For nuggets, spread them evenly across the grassed area. If you’re using a liquid spray, add some wherever you think the moles may be.

Those are our top tips for how to get rid of moles in a yard fast. It can be frustrating to have these little intruders messing up your well-kept lawn, but by taking one of these measures you should be able to eradicate them permanently without too much fuss. 

  • Confirm that the problem is actually moles and not another type of pest.

  • Use a recognised mole repellent and spread it liberally across your grassy area.

  • Repeat as required until the moles stay away for good.

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