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How to remove stickers

Keep your plastic, wood, and glass free of sticky marks with our guide on how to remove stickers.


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Key steps:

Make learning how to remove stickers from plastic and other surfaces easier with these tips:

  1. Soften the glue with a hairdryer set on warm.

  2. Soak the area in vegetable oil to make peeling it easier.

  3. Use a paint scraper or credit card to lift the sticker.

Whether you’ve got a little one who loves to run riot with their sticker book or you’ve bought a new item with an annoyingly placed label, knowing how to remove stickers definitely has its uses. From plastic to wood, there are a whole lot of methods you can use to get rid of them without ruining the surface beneath. Find out more with our tips and tricks!

If you’re learning how to remove stickers, you can get any small, leftover bits off with a regular pencil eraser.

How to remove stickers from plastic

From tupperware to kids’ toys, learn how to remove sticky labels from plastic with this easy trick:

  1. Soak the area in plenty of vegetable oil, leaving it for a couple of hours.

  2. Soften the sticker with a hairdryer, switching it to a warm rather than hot setting.

  3. Wipe off the residue and remove the sticker.

  4. Clean the plastic with hot, soapy water.

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When testing methods for how to get sticky labels off the plastic, it’s important not to use any products with bleach in them as this could fade the colour. Steer clear of lemon oil and lemon juice for the same reason!

How to remove stickers from glass

One of the most important things to remember when learning how to remove sticky labels from glass is to avoid abrasive cleaning products and tools, such as wire sponges, as these can scratch and ruin your item. Instead, follow these tips for scratch-free removal:

  • Rubbing alcohol - apply it to the area of your sticker before slowly peeling it away.

  • Nail polish remover - use it in the same way as rubbing alcohol.

  • White vinegar - soak a cloth before applying it to the sticker and rubbing until the sticker peels away.

  • Mayonnaise - it may sound odd but the fat in mayonnaise is great for removing stickers. Apply, let it sit for around an hour, and peel away the sticker.

How to remove stickers from wood

To remove stickers from wood, start by softening the sticker with a hairdryer, setting the heat to warm just as you would for stickers on plastic. You should then get an appliance you can use to gently lift and peel the sticker off, such as a credit card or paint scraper. Be careful not to scratch the surface as you lift it! Once it’s done, you can learn how to get rid of any residue for a spotless finish.

Once you know how to get sticky labels off glass, plastic, and wood, you’ll find it much easier to clean up after little ones and keep new purchases sticker-free! Just remember these tips and take your time - patience is the key to complete removal.

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