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On a stand or on the wall? 10 TV room ideas

There’s nothing better than settling down for TV time. Do so in style with our TV room décor ideas.


a living room with blue curtains and a TV on a wooden table

Back in the days when TVs were big and bulky, every piece of furniture in the living room was centred around it. Nowadays, with slim and inconspicuous flat screens, the TV can act more like a piece of décor. If you want the room where you watch television to be as stylish and enjoyable as everywhere else in your house, have a look at these easy-to-follow TV room ideas ranging from TV stand décor to TV unit ideas.

Safety Warning

Never move a big TV on your own. It’s easy to drop, smash and potentially hurt yourself. Always get a family member or a friend to help.

Our top 10 TV room design tips

  1. Use your TV to display art: looking to spruce up your TV room décor? Why not use the TV itself? These days, many TVs can be programmed to display images when off, so choose a favourite piece of art and it’ll look like it’s hanging on the wall. If you don’t want to use more energy with this option then why not place your TV behind a screen and display art on the outside of that instead?

  2. Choose good lighting: if you’re looking for small living room ideas with a TV involved, lighting is absolutely key. It can transform a room from feeling cramped to cosy. Opt for wall mounted lamps with adjustable lighting levels depending on the mood.

  3. Make sure the seats are comfortable: no one wants to be uncomfortable while watching a movie! Try out seating before your buy and be sure to invest in a few cushions.

  4. Hang the TV amongst other frames: if your TV is in a multipurpose room and you don’t want it to dominate, try hanging it on the wall amongst art pieces or pictures.

  5. Get a moveable TV stand: TV stand ideas are as high-tech as the TVs these days. If you’re stuck for space, get a TV stand which you’ll be able to move to a different section of your living room when not in use.

  6. Consider snack storage: TV room decorating ideas have to be functional. We all want easy access to snacks when binging on our favourite TV show. Build in a space for a mini-fridge and table with your TV seating and keep it clean of crumbs with an effective surface cleaner like Handy Andy.

  7. Place the TV in a cupboard: it sounds counterintuitive, but if you’re looking for TV cabinet ideas don’t forget to consider those in which the TV will actually be tucked away until you want to use it. This is a great option for those with multipurpose rooms.

  8. Avoid distractions: don’t have too many trinkets or ornaments in the same room as your TV to avoid it feeling cluttered.

  9. Build in media storage: want TV wall ideas that help you display your TV and your media collection? Set your TV in the centre of the wall with a series of shelves either side for an attractive and symmetrical option or install floating shelves below the TV for a seamless look. If your media collection is housed digitally, rather than on discs, then why not just have a single floating shelf below the TV for an external hard-drive?

  10. Keep colours neutral: when it comes to TV room décor you want to keep things simple. Opt for natural colours like cream or beige.

Those are our top tips to creating a cosy TV den. There’s nothing better than relaxing with a loved one in front of your favourite show, so make sure you create a room that’ll feel like you want it to be!

  • Chose a place for the TV that looks good both when it’s in use and when not.

  • Add some cosy lighting.

  • Make sure you’ve got comfy seats and cushions.

  • Consider snack storage!

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