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Powder paint stains: an easy task for mum

Get rid of tough stains fast, yes, even powder paint stains! Cleanipedia has all the information you need to make cleaning clothes much easier!


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Making a colourful mess is fun! But having to clean the room afterwards is not as exciting.

If you’ve just celebrated a festival day like Holi, or if you and your family practiced your artistic skills and added a bit of colour to your home with powder paint, then there is invariably more work to be done in and around the house.  

Apart from doing laundry, making the beds, washing the dishes and cleaning the floors, you now have to go the extra mile! Never fear, because Cleanipedia is near. And we’ve got just the remedy to put you at ease. Start by recruiting a few extra hands by roping the kids in and the cleaning will be sorted in no time.

Powder paint stains on clothes

If your kids have stained their clothes, don’t worry mum and dad – we’ve got it all sorted.

·         Lightly vacuum the powder paint from the fabric and rinse with cold water.

·         Soak the item for 10 -15 minutes in hot water and wash with OMO Auto Concentrated Capsules. OMO capsules have been proven to remove the toughest stains and get clothes clean easier and more efficiently, so that you don’t have to end up doing all the hard graft.

·         If the clothing is white and the stain is still showing, soak the item in Domestos Thick Bleach for 1 hour after the first wash.

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·         After drying, preferably in full sun, repeat the wash by again using OMO capsules.

Powder paint stains on carpets

Oh no, kids, even the carpet is stained! Your precious carpet is now as colourful as the rainbow nation. Not to worry though. With the following carpet cleaning tips, your carpet will be clean in a jiffy, just in time for the next guests to arrive – or – before dad gets home!

·         Form a paste with bicarbonate of soda and water. Apply the paste directly to the stain.

·         Allow the baking soda to dry and vacuum the affected area.

·         Dip a kitchen sponge in alcohol and gently blot the stain, working from the outer edges toward the centre.

·         While blotting, keep in mind that the sponge will absorb the stain so keep on squeezing it out and turning it to make sure you use a clean surface.

·         Now, flush the stain with cold water and allow the area to dry.

Clean clothes, check! Clean carpet, check!

It doesn’t have to be spring for you to undertake a little spring cleaning! These tips will help you get organised any time of year, though they are particularly good in the spring.

how to spring clean the house

Spring Cleaning Tips – Getting it All Done

We can’t always find a big enough break in our schedule to spring clean our house from top to bottom all in one go.  A lot of us will have to make do with a couple of smaller serious cleaning sessions spread over the month, instead. If you can’t put a few consecutive days aside to spring clean, break the tasks up into logical batches – first, de-clutter, and then clean one or two rooms intensively at a time.

When cleaning, remember to keep rooms well-ventilated while using any cleaning products. Read the labels before trying out any new chemicals, and make sure to wear proper protective clothing – and soon the spring cleaning won’t feel like a strain at all!

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