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Tiny yet comfortable guest room ideas

Learn our key principles when it comes to guest bedroom decorating ideas.


guest bedroom ideas

Decorating small spaces can be a challenge as you may not have the room size you want to really fulfil your creative goals. However, with a bit of creative imagination, it’s possible to come up with an enjoyable space no matter how limited it might be. If you’re looking for small guest bedroom ideas, try these decorating suggestions. They work whatever the size!

It’s important to keep small spaces clean and dirt free, so make sure you always have good quality cleaning products like Handy Andy to hand.

Small bedroom design ideas: 7 ways to make tiny hosting spaces stand out

Small guestrooms can be particularly tricky to decorate as you want to provide everything you can as the host but are restricted by the available space. To get started, try these guest bedroom decorating ideas. 

  1. Colours are important when it comes to small spaces. Keep things light and neutral, otherwise, it’s easy to overwhelm. Use accessories and plants to add character.

  2. Make sure to always to have clean linen in your guestroom. If you don’t have much space, the bedspread may be the main feature and you want it to look good. Use a delicate detergent that will care for your fabrics, like Skip, to keep them clean.

  3. Avoid too much clutter. Guests like to see a bit of your personality, but too much can make a room feel overcrowded. Dedicate just one shelf or windowsill to your ornaments.

  4. Choose the right lighting. As simple as it sounds, lighting can really change a room, and this is especially true in small spaces. Start by ensuring your room has adequate light - if a small space is dark it risks feeling claustrophobic. Then move onto one of our favourite small guest room ideas: add gentle lighting via wall-fixed lamps and string lights to create a cosy atmosphere.

  5. Try a fold-down bed for guest bed solutions in a small space. These can be tucked away against the wall when not in use making them useful in spaces that double as home offices or art studios. Other comfortable guest bed options include bunk-beds or those on raised platforms that give a bit of additional storage space underneath. 

  6. Consider the need for a separate bathroom. If you're able to provide a guest bathroom then your guests will really feel at home. Some of our favourite small guest bathroom ideas are to provide the basics - toilet, shower, washbasin - and keep everything neutral and clean. If you don't have the space for a separate guest bathroom, make your family bathroom feel more indulgent by adding some luxury toiletries and learning how to fold towels like a hotel. Then leave a complete set of towels in the guest bedroom for each person to use and replace throughout their stay.

  7. Keep it clean! For both small guest bedrooms and bathrooms, there’s nothing more important than keeping the space clean and germ-free. Any dirt or bacteria is all the more obvious when things are up close and personal, so be sure to give spaces a good once over with multipurpose cleaning products such as Handy Andy.

Those are our favourite guest bedroom decorating ideas. With a bit of forethought and creativity, it’s possible to make a cosy nest where friends and family will love to stay. Follow these top tips and see what you can achieve today

  • Remove any unnecessary furniture to create space.

  • Use bright colours and ensure lots of lighting.

  • Give the space a thorough clean before any guests are due.

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