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Best Ways To Get Blood Stains Out of Clothes

Blood stains are a hassle but cleaning them shouldn’t be one


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Blood stains can be a pain to remove from your clothes and sheets, especially if the stain is already dry. For most women, ending up with period stains on your clothes or sheets is almost inevitable. But you can stay well prepared for such an accident. The faster you act, the easier it is to get rid of the stains.

Before You Start Removing Blood Stains:

There are two important tips you should keep in mind before attempting to remove blood stains. The first is that the process of removing these stains will differ from one fabric material to another. So, to avoid ruining the material, always read the label on the garment or sheets before applying any of the methods we mention below. If you have any doubt, test the blood stain removal method on a hidden part of the clothes.

The second is to never use hot water. No, not at any stage of the process. Hot water can cause the blood to set more in the clothing, instead of lifting it. Always make sure to use cold water for blood stains. Now that we've shared the fundamentals, here are the effective tried-and-tested home remedies for drawing blood from your clothes and sheets.

What you need to do the job

For the best ways to get blood out of clothes, you'll need:

  • Cold water

  • Hydrogen peroxide

  • An old toothbrush

  • A clean towel or napkin

  • Mild cleaning detergent

  • Baking soda

How to remove blood stains at home?

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When getting blood out of sheets or clothes, dab and wipe the excess blood with a clean towel or napkin. Next, run the garments under cold water. Then apply hydrogen peroxide to the stained area. Leave it on until the stain disappears. Finally, wash your clothes using water and a mild detergent to get rid of the hydrogen peroxide.

What if you don't have hydrogen peroxide? Soak the clothes in a mixture of cold water and a mild detergent for a minimum of 30 minutes. A great product for the job would be OMO Hand Washing Powder. This product can remove even the toughest, stains – and protect your hands at the same time.

If the stain is stubborn, let the garments soak for several hours. A long soak can be helpful. Hand wash with cold water once they're done soaking. If the blood stain is still there, try applying a little bit of baking soda and gently rub the solution in with an old toothbrush for a few minutes then wash it off.

If these don't work on the first try, they're safe to repeat until your clothes are as good as new! Be sure your clothes are stain-free before you machine wash them or have them dry cleaned to ensure the best results. In fact, according to the University of Illinois, it is almost impossible to remove blood stains from clothes after they’ve been put in the washing machine or dry cleaned.

How to wash blood out of clothes: 4 do’s and don'ts

The next time you’re faced with a stubborn blood stain, remember these key points:

  • DO use cold water to wash off blood stains.

  • DO check the clothes’ label beforehand.

  • DO test the blood stain removal method on a hidden part of the garment.

  • DO choose a product that will protect the fabric (like OMO Hand Washing Powder).

  • DO NOT put the clothes or sheets in the washing machine before the stain is lifted.

Now that you are well informed about the various methods for removing blood stains, there will be no need to panic whenever you accidentally get blood on your clothes. Interested to learn more? Check out Cleanipedia.

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