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Keep Clothes Looking New for Longer with Skip Liquid Detergent

Need to keep your clothes looking newer for longer?


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Keep Clothes Looking New for Longer with Skip Liquid Detergent

Keep Clothes Looking New for Longer with Skip Liquid Detergent

Do you see your favourite jeans fading in colour faster every time you wash them? Or is the expensive dress getting greyer and greyer after every wash? You can keep your clothes looking newer for longer with Skip’s Anti-Ageing Liquid Detergent. You just need to know how.

We take a look at the features that make Skip fabric detergent one of our favourites here at Cleanipedia and why they really deliver what they promise.

Why Do My Clothes Look Old After Washing?

A combination of washing with the wrong detergent, for example not using an Anti-Ageing Detergent, as well as using a detergent that doesn’t get rid of residual detergent can be the cause of the colours fading on your clothes.

Some harsh detergents do not protect the fibres of the fabrics and therefore encourage the colour to fade or leak out much faster than a detergent that offers deeper protection for fabric fibres. Of course, washing darker colours on a hot cycle and not drying the clothes inside out and in direct sunlight will promote faster fading of colours in clothing too.

Skip Liquid Detergent Keeps Colours From Fading

What Is The Best Laundry Detergent To Keep Clothes Looking Newer For Longer?

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At Cleanipedia, we’ve tried and tested a lot of laundry detergents. We’ve tested them on just about every type of fabric out there and have chosen a few of our favourites when it comes to the products that really do prevent garments from fading.

Skip Anti-Ageing Detergent is one of our top products and it really is a product that does what it promises - a liquid detergent to keep clothes looking newer for longer.

Here are some of the reasons why we feel Skip washing liquid is a great choice as a fabric detergent for keeping your clothes looking new:

Fibre Protect™ Technology

The formulation of Skip liquid detergent has a Fibre Protect™ Technology which penetrates the fabric fibres so that the liquid can get down into the fibres to really clean them. Skip promises and better way of cleaning with their product as well as promising to smooth and align fabric fibres so that stains and dirt wash away easier. Clothes definitely get cleaner, keep their shape, and keep their colour with Skip.

Better For The Environment

Skip Anti-Ageing Detergent works best at cold temperatures. This means it’s better for preventing fading because fading of darker fabrics happens most often when washed in warmer water, and it’s better for the environment because it uses less electricity.

No Clumping Or Residue

Skip doesn’t leave excess residue or causes detergent clumping on the clothing. When clothes have residue left on them, they can often appear to look grey or faded. Skip liquid dissolves fully in the wash ensuring there is no residue left over.

Perfume Capsules

Having clothing that smells fresh and clean even after weeks of not being worn is what Skip detergent offers. The fragrance lasts longer, and even though this doesn’t affect the ageing of the clothing, it does make for fresh and wonderful smelling clothing for longer.

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