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Pro-Fibre Technology: What Does It Mean?

Find out what pro-fibre technology does for your clothes.


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Pro-Fibre Technology: What Does It Mean?

What if we told you there was a new fabric technology that can actually improve the look and feel of your clothes and make them last longer? Don’t believe us? Well, the Comfort Perfume Deluxe Range of fabric conditioners with Pro-Fibre Technology not only protects your clothing from damage, but protects the colour, shape, and fibres of your clothing too. Here’s more on this unique Pro-Fibre Technology from Comfort and how it works:

What Does “Pro-Fibre Technology” Mean?

Pro-Fibre Technology is unique to Comfort’s Perfume Deluxe range and offers fibre protection, colour protection and helps retain the shape of clothing.

How Does Fabric Conditioner Protect Clothing Fibres?

When it comes to fabric care, the Comfort Perfume Deluxe range takes the care of your clothing and fabrics to a new level. Here’s more information on what pro-fibre technology is and how it works for you. Pro-Fibre Technology allows the fabric conditioner to deeply penetrate the fibres of the clothing, enabling it to nourish and protect the garments at a fibre level and it prevents the fibres from being damaged by the washing cycle.

Does Fabric Conditioner Help Clothes Retain their Shape?

When it comes to shape protection, when you use Comfort Perfume Deluxe with Pro-Fibre Technology, the conditioner forms a protective covering around the clothing fibres preventing them from shrinking in or stretching out.

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The Benefits of Using Pro-Fibre Technology

If you aren’t convinced already, here are the great benefits to using Comfort Perfume Deluxe as part of your daily fabric care guide. The benefits to the Pro-Fibre Technology of this Comfort range include:

  • Colour Protection – the technology maintains the vibrancy of fabric colours as well as the vividness.

  • Shape Protection – as we’ve mentioned, Pro-Fibre Technology helps to envelope the clothing fibres to prevent them from shrinking or stretching.

  • Print Protection – don’t you hate it when the prints on your favourite t-shirt’s crack and fade? With Pro-Fibre Technology, prints will look as good as new even after 20 washes.

  • Fibre Protection – Pro-Fibre Technology in Comfort forms a layer around fibres that protects them, when in the wash, from rubbing together. Say goodbye to bobbles on your favourite woollen clothing.

Why are My Clothes Losing Elasticity?

After repeated washing and wearing, fabric fibres can loosen with time. This leads to the fabric losing elasticity and appearing to become stretched. If you follow the fabric care instructions for Comfort Perfume Deluxe, you’ll protect your clothing at a fibre level and prevent shrinking and stretching for good.

The Comfort Perfume Deluxe Range

The Comfort Perfume Deluxe range has been crafted by perfume experts and offers the range of fabric care benefits that we’ve discussed above. The Perfume Deluxe range is now available in these three scents:

  • Divine Petals

  • Heavenly Nectar

  • Lily

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