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Top Stain Removers For Your Laundry

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Removing Tough Stains From Your Laundry

Stains, no matter whether they are on your clothing or on your kitchen counters, can be a pain to remove. Many of us are always looking for the best stain removers that will remove the toughest stains in one easy step. Luckily for you, at Cleanipedia, we’ve tested out a few of the best brands in the business and put them up against the most dreaded stains you can imagine.

Two stain removers have come out tops - Handy Andy for stains in and around the home and OMO for toughest laundry stains. Here’s why:

What Are The Hardest Stains To Remove?

Stains are a daily occurrence for many of us, especially if you have young children or pets around. Rather than fretting about what could happen next, get yourself stocked up with top stain removers like Handy Andy and OMO that will be able to remove any stain, any time.

Kitchen And Bathroom Stains

In the kitchen, the hardest stains to remove are often those that are oil or fat based. When you cook or fry food, there is often splatter that occurs both across counters and on tiles as well as onto your clothing. Grease and oil stains can also creep down kitchen cabinets too. Mould is also another dreaded fungus that can stain surfaces they are on for a long time. In the bathroom, the hardest stains to remove again will most likely be on counter tops and tiles.

Oil stains from oily bath products as well as mould stains can often be a problem in the bathroom.

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Handy Andy Cream and the Multipurpose Cleaning Trigger Sprays are created to pack a huge punch when it comes to stain removal. They are formulated to get rid of 100% of household dirt and grime and come in a variety of enjoyable scents too.

Clothing Stains

When it comes to stains, we know that more often than not these end up on our favourite pieces of clothing. These can be the hardest to remove especially from white or lighter fabrics. Everyone has experienced at least one of these dreaded stains on your clothes, are we right?

If you’ve got stained clothing from any of the above items, or anything else for that matter, we recommend using OMO for the best stain remover for clothes.

OMO Washing Powders (available in washing liquids and powders) is one of the best laundry stain remover products on the market which promises tough stain removal – and it really delivers!

What Are The Best Stain Removers For Your Laundry?

Choose OMO for the nastiest stains on clothing and household fabrics. We promise, if you do, you won’t be disappointed. Read our articles on How To Remove Dried Up Stains From Clothes, Tough Stains: No Problem and Your Ultimate Guide To Tough Stain Removal to make sure you conquer any stain you come across today.

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