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Make Your Home Fresh With Scented Cleaning Products

For A Freshly Scented Home? Look No Further!


Make Your Home Fresh With Scented Cleaning Products

Scented Cleaning Products for Your Home : Tips

Everyone has a scent that reminds them of something happy. Perhaps a freshwater note that reminds you of the ocean, or a soft floral note that reminds you of your grandmother’s rose garden. Scents and fragrances can conjure up feelings of joy, happiness and contentment simply by smelling them, taking our hearts and minds to a calm, centred place more often than not.

That is why so many people like to have a home that smells good, because of just that. A wonderful smelling home can make us feel calm, relaxed and totally at ease. The question really is, what fragrance or scent brings up those kinds of feelings for you? Once you know what your “happy” scent is, how can you make it permeate throughout your home to bring about those calm, centred feelings all day long?

Here are our simple tips on the best way to make your home smell good all year round, and it starts with using good smelling cleaning products, like Handy Andy Cleaner.

How Can I Make My House Smell Good All The Time?

Want A House That Smells Good ?

Here are our suggestions, for keeping your home or office smelling wonderful all year long. They’re easy to do at home and simple to change, as and when you need to.

Find A Good Scented Cleaning Product

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First things first, choose a nice smelling cleaning product that actually cleans. It’s no good choosing a product that smells good but gives you mediocre performance. That’s why we love Handy Andy Cleaner, because it is packed with millions of micro particles that remove 100% of dirt, every time.

Handy Andy Cream Cleaners come in these four gorgeous scents:

  1. Lavender

  2. Eucalyptus

  3. Lemon Fresh

  4. Potpourri

Choose One Type of Fragrance Note

To get the biggest impact, we suggest choosing one type of fragrance note for your home, and sticking to it. For example, if you love the scent of lemons for your home then choose a cleaner, like Handy Andy Lemon Fresh, to clean the surfaces in your kitchen and bathrooms. Then choose a floor cleaner and perhaps any other cleaning products and detergents that are lemon scented too. This way you will ensure the lemon notes will permeate throughout your home, leaving the fragrance to linger longer.

Get A Consensus from The Family / House Mates

Make sure that everyone in the house agrees! There is nothing worse than one member of the family complaining about the floral scent in the home, when the others actually love it. Competing scents can also create fragrance confusion, so that’s why we suggest choosing a fragrance for your cleaning products and other “smellies” that everyone actually likes.

Change Every Season

You don’t have to choose one fragrance and stick to it forever. A great suggestion is to change your fragranced cleaning products and scents with every season. Can you imagine a home that smells spring fresh with light floral notes, and deeper potpourri scents in the winter?

How To Keep Your House Clean And Smelling Good?

Start with the best cleaning products to make your house smell good, and take it from there. You can choose accessories like candles, incense, room sprays and other products that can all enhance the smell you’ve chosen to create the perfect ambiance you’re looking for.

Fragrance Wheel:

The Fragrance Wheel with different fragrance notes

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