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Denim Upcycling Ideas Using Old Jeans

So, your favourite pair of jeans is finally on its last legs (excuse the pun!). You’ve worn them to death, and you’ve even patched them up a few times too. What to do with them now instead of throwing them away and clogging up the landfills?


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Denim Upcycling Ideas Using Old Jeans

Denim Upcycling Ideas Using Old Jeans

So, your favourite pair of jeans is finally on its last legs (excuse the pun!). You’ve worn them to death, and you’ve even patched them up a few times too. What to do with them now instead of throwing them away and clogging up the landfills?

Jeans are an excellent fabric to repurpose and there are so many different upcycling jean ideas that you can use to turn your beloved denim into newly loved items. Whether you are into sewing, quilting, or just want to make a simple no-sew project, we've got you covered

Upcycled Denim Ideas for the Home

There is a load of awesome things that you can turn upcycled denim into that can be put on show in your home, so that you never really have to say goodbye to your favourite jeans. Here are our favourite ideas for turning old jeans into new décor items:

Denim Pillowcase

This idea is handy if you have a sewing machine at home. Cut your favourite jeans of different colours into rectangular strips. Sew them together in a variety of different shapes like a chevron pattern or any pattern you desire – just make sure you’re working to a pillowcase pattern size. Attach it to a soft cotton or fabric backing with a zip at one end and voila! You have a cute pillowcase.

Denim Floor Mat

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This works really well especially if you have a few different colours of jeans to work with. Cut hexagon shapes (of the same size) out of a few different jeans and sew them together in a patchwork fashion. Trim the edges to create the rug shape you want and make sure you zig-zag stitch the edges to prevent fraying. You can even sew a non-slip fabric onto the back of the rug to make it ideal for kitchens or bathrooms.

Upcycled Denim Ideas for You

Old denim makes the perfect fabric for creating gorgeous bags for yourself that will give you years of service. From upcycled denim bags for the beach or to go shopping with to wine bags to keep your favourite wine cool, here are our favourite upcycle old jeans ideas for you:

Denim Shopping Bag

We are all conscious of using too much plastic, and so creating an upcycled tote or shopping bag (that can double as a very cool beach bag too) is a great, environmentally friendly idea. Use the legs of your favourite jeans to cut long, wide strips. Sew them together at one end, leaving the seam of the jeans as the open end of the bag. Add on a handle of your choice like rope, or any kind of fabric you have lying around.

Denim Basket

Are you always looking for your pens, or scissors, or DIY goodies all over your home? Create a denim basket that can be used as your DIY basket, or pencil basket, or to keep any kind of necessities in. Like the shopping bag, cut out two lengths of your old jean legs and sew together at one end, leaving the other end open. Sew an inner to the bag, like a piece of funky, coloured cotton, leaving a little bit of fabric sticking out. You’ll fold this fabric over the jeans and create a cute seam at the top of your basket.

Upcycled Denim Ideas as Gifts

Turn old denim into the perfect DIY gift that is both meaningful and heartfelt, plus it won’t cost you a tonne to create either. Here are some cool creative ideas:

Turn old denim into baby bibs, customise it as you need it with a range of different fabrics to make the patterns. Get as creative as you like making bibs as gifts for new little ones.

Are you throwing a party for yourself or your little ones? Turn your old jeans into a party banner or bunting. Cut out triangle shapes and sew them together on a piece of string. Use colourful fabrics to create letters or designs on the denim to mark the special occasion.

Create clever kids’ toys from denim. The fabric is a great idea for kids’ soft toys because it’s hard-wearing and can withstand the toughness of kids. From denim teddies to denim whales, let your creativity go wild!

When you upcycle old jeans, not only are you breathing new life into something old and loved, but you’re also creating something nostalgic and meaningful, investing in the sustainability of things rather than simply throwing away and buying more. Skip Laundry Detergent will help you keep your repurposed denim fabric looking newer for longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Upcycling Denim

What is Upcycled Denim?

Upcycling denim is when you take your old jeans or denim items and turn them into brand new items like bags, mats, baskets or toys.

Why is upcycling denim important?

Upcycling denim is important for the environment because it avoids material like denim filling up the landfills and it also aids in prolonging the life cycle of fabric, making the entire process a very sustainable one.

What can You Do With Old Denim?

Read our blog above for more ideas on how to upcycle old jeans now.

What Clothes can You Make Out of Old Jeans?

You can create dolls clothes from old jeans or use denim fabric to patchwork other clothes too. The sky is the limit.

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