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Keep Your Clothes Newer For Longer with Skip Washing Powder

Find out how to keep clothes looking new wash after wash!



Clothes are an investment: If you buy them carefully, they can look stylish for years. But this only works if you take good care of your carefully chosen garments. And it all starts in the wash.

Keeping white clothes white and colours bright: this is a priority whether you have a carefully curated wardrobe or you have school uniforms in the laundry basket.

Let’s see why Skip washing powder is a good choice.

What Is Skip Washing Powder?

A household name in South Africa, Skip first entered the market in 1960. This means we’ve been around for over 6 decades, so it's safe to say we know how to care for your clothes.

When it comes to machine washing, there’s a lot of choice in detergents. But, most of them may not have what you need for the perfect wash.

Skip auto washing powder is designed with you in mind. Keeping clothes looking new for longer is important. Feeling fresh in your clothes is equally important. Skip’s fragrance keeps your clothes smelling fresh. But most of all, we want our washing detergent to clean thoroughly without harming our clothes.

How Does Skip Washing Powder Keep Clothes Looking New For Longer?

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Skip intelligent washing powder and Skip liquid detergent contains specific Fibre Care Technology™ to do just that. The job is to care for your clothes and fight the 5 signs of clothes ageing, and Skip reaches each fibre.

Generally, the more you wash your clothes, the older they look and feel. But Skip - both as a powder or a liquid detergent - prevents damage to the texture of your clothes.

How To Use Our Auto Washing Powder?

You can use Skip Auto Washing Powder for both front-end and top-load washing machines. All you need to do is add one scoop to your washing machine’s detergent compartment – and voila! The washing can begin! However, some garments need specific care, which is why you need to consult the clothing care label on the inside of the garment. Also, Skip should not be applied directly to your clothes.

Anti-ageing Detergent

These are the 5 signs that your clothes are ageing:

  1. Colour: Is your garment fading? Sometimes you don’t even notice how dull the colours have become until you see an old selfie or - worse still - your sister or friend says something!

  2. Bobbles: Many people don’t realise that bobbles on clothes are a sign of ageing because it seems that clothes have always done this after a few washes.

  3. Stains: Taking a shirt out of the cupboard only to discover that it has a stain can ruin your day.

  4. Whiteness: An ageing garment slowly turns grey.

  5. Roughness: When you feel that lovely silky blouse no longer slides as it should.

Why Use Skip Washing Powder?

Why should you trust Skip Intelligent Liquid Detergent and Skip Auto Washing Powder to give premium care to your clothes? As a leading garment care expert in South Africa, Skip works hard to keep these signs of ageing away longer.

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