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Hot tub and Jacuzzi cleaning and disinfection

Is your Jacuzzi tub looking a little dirty? This easy-to-use guide has you covered, with everything from Jacuzzi cleaning tips to how to keep a hot tub clean. And once the not-so-hard work’s done, you can sit back and enjoy the bubbles!

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Jacuzzi cleaning is an essential part of keeping your bubbly experience relaxing. Whether you have an outdoor Jacuzzi or hot tub, or a Jacuzzi bathtub, this guide has you covered, from how to clean a hot tub to how to clean Jacuzzi filters and cleaning nozzles.

For Jacuzzi cleaning, you will need the following items:

You will need:

  • Gloves
  • A clean sponge
  • Dishwashing detergent, or specialised Jacuzzi cleaner
  • Household bleach
  • A multipurpose bathroom cleaner
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How to clean a jacuzzi tub

Whether you’re a fair-weather soaker or enjoy a dip in the tub all-year-round, hot tubs are a great way to relax and chill-out after a hard day’s work. But it won’t be a relaxing experience if you’re soaking in scum and dirt! Arm yourself with a household bleach like Domestos, and a multipurpose cleaner such as Cif, and follow these steps on how to clean a Jacuzzi tub.

  1. Check your manual.

    Different brands of hot tub may suggest slight changes to the method for cleaning Jacuzzi bathtubs. Occasionally, manufacturers create settings to make cleaning the Jacuzzi tub simpler for the owner, so it really is worth reading your manual or checking the brand website for advice.

  2. Cool your jets and fill the tub.

    Make sure all of the air controls are closed, unless the manufacturer suggests otherwise, and fill the tub up. All of the jets should be covered by five or six centimetres of water.

  3. Add three tablespoons (about 50 mls) of low-foaming detergent to the tub.

    Some brands of hot tub will suggest you buy a specialist Jacuzzi cleaner, but powdered dishwashing detergent also works fine.

  4. Add around 100 mls of household bleach.

    Since bleach is such a powerful cleaner, it’s best to wear gloves at this point, if not sooner. Always read the label on any cleaning product you purchase (including the Jacuzzi cleaner and dishwashing detergent mentioned above) to make sure you’re using it safely.

  5. Run the jets for 15 minutes.

    This will not be pretty but rest assured that anything you see slopping out of the jets now won’t be able to surprise you later!

  6. Drain the tub and clean up the residue.

    When you’re cleaning Jacuzzi bathtub basins, you can apply the same products you’d use on an ordinary bathtub. Using a sponge and a specially designed bathroom cleaner like Cif can help you clean thoroughly without scratching the plastic.

  7. Fill the tub again with cold water, then run the jets for another 15 minutes.

    This helps rinse out the cleaner and any remaining dirt and bacteria.

  8. Drain the tub and give it a final clean with Cif.

    Your Jacuzzi should now be sparkling clean once more!

How to disinfect a hot tub and how to keep a hot tub clean

Giving your Jacuzzi tub or hot tub a deep clean every once in a while is great to disinfect surfaces, but it’s important to keep up with general maintenance regularly.

A weekly clean with a sponge and a white vinegar solution on the shell and jets of your hot tub will prevent a build-up of scum. Focus on the waterline as well.

Adding chlorine to the water will also help to destroy any germs and bacteria, which will not only help keep it clean but will also help if you want to know how to disinfect a Jacuzzi tub.

  1. How to clean hot tub filters and Jacuzzi filters

    Cleaning the visible parts of a hot tub is useful for your tub to look good, but it’s important to remember to clean the bits you can’t see, such as the filter, to ensure your relaxation experience is as hygienic as possible.

  2. How to clean a Jacuzzi filter: Weekly

    When cleaning the filter weekly, a simple rinse will suffice to get rid of dirt and debris that may have collected there.

  3. How to clean hot tub filters: Monthly

    Make sure your Jacuzzi or hot tub is turned off and remove the filter, rinsing it to remove large dirt particles and debris. Then, allow the filter to soak in a filter cleaning solution. Leave the filter to soak for 20 minutes to allow the chemicals to remove dirt and grime buried within the filter padding. Finally, rinse thoroughly – otherwise, you’ll experience foaming – and then place back into the tub. Sorted!

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How to clean a Jacuzzi bathtub

You know how to clean a Jacuzzi, but what about how to clean a Jacuzzi bathtub? Essentially, you should just follow the guide for Jacuzzi cleaning, but for more bathtub cleaning information, we also have guides.

When it comes to giving your enamel or plastic bathtub, metal taps, and other fixtures a final scrub, you can save a penny or two by using a high-quality multipurpose bathroom spray rather than separate products. Something like Cif Power & Shine Bathroom is a good bet as it delivers a streak-free shine on a variety of surfaces. Whatever product you use, always remember to read the label before applying!

And there you have it. Our simple – yet thorough – way to clean your Jacuzzi or hot tub.

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