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Disinfectant uses: how to use it in the bathroom and kitchen

Read on to discover how to use Domex, and guidelines for how to use disinfectant around your home.


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Written by Eunice Samson

how to use disinfectants in the kitchen and bathroom

A disinfectant will be one of your domestic cleaning staples, as uses of Domex and other disinfectants around your home are numerous. These products help to keep your loved ones free from nasty infections and keep your hard surfaces looking clean, disinfectants are used very frequently in the kitchen and bathroom areas of every house.

Read on to discover some top tips for how to use Domex, and useful guidelines for how to use disinfectant safely around your home.

Cleaning products like those by Cif and Domex are great for killing germs, remember to read the directions on the label and test them in a small area first.

Why do we use disinfectants?

There are a few key reasons why we need to understand how to use disinfectant products around our homes.

  • The correct application of most disinfectants is a great way to ensure you keep everyone else at their healthiest.

  • Disinfectants are antimicrobial products, which means they are designed to kill or destroy unseen nasties like bacteria on surfaces.

  • If someone in your home is already unwell disinfectants can help prevent it spreading. This is because these products ensure that most bacteria and germs that spread disease and illness are killed before another member of the family touches or uses the surfaces.

  • Disinfectants are perfect for keeping bacteria and germs at bay in areas such as your kitchen, where you prepare food such as raw chicken. This is important to prevent food poisoning or other illnesses occurring.

How to disinfect the house: the top uses of Domex around the home

Domex is the number one bleach product not just in the Philippines but also eight other countries. However, do you know appropriate Domex uses? Below we will share a quick guide on how to disinfect house using Domex:

  1. Disinfectants like Domex are perfect for ensuring your bathroom is in tip-top condition, especially if someone in your home has a sickness and diarrhoea bug.

  2. Domex can give you a clean, shiny toilet as well as killing off germs and bacteria that cause common problems like jaundice, swine flu and typhoid. It’s great if you wondering how to disinfect bathtub, for instance!

  3. Domex is not only great for bathrooms, but also disinfecting floors to make them safe (which is especially important if you have children or pets).

  4. Domex is perfect for ensuring floors are sparkling clean.

  5. Domex is a great stain remover if you have tough to shift grime on floors and surfaces.

  6. Domex can be used in a variety of areas around your home, but it is important to remember to read the manufacturer’s guidelines on the bottle.

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How to use disinfectant in the kitchen

There are a number of areas you should take care to understand how to use disinfectant within the kitchen to ensure your kitchen is safe for food preparation.

  • Cleaning food preparation surfaces on a daily basis is good hygienic practice. Table tops and kitchen counters can be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped down with a clean soft cloth. Clean the inside of your refrigerator and storage cupboards, too – though be sure to use an appropriate product whenever cleaning the inside of the fridge.

  • Chopping boards and breadboards must also be disinfected frequently. The best approach is to scrub at the boards with a vinegar or chlorine-based cleaning solution to kill off the bacteria growing within their pores.

  • Your sink will come into regular contact with plates, cutlery, and the food you eat, so it is vital that you disinfect it thoroughly. In addition to washing out and disinfecting the surface, consider drying out your sink with a towel after using it – damp conditions accelerate bacterial growth.

  • Not only is your rubbish bin going to harbour a lot of germs, it will start to smell if left dirty for a long time. Every couple of weeks you should clean the bin out, disinfect it, and apply a deodoriser to get rid of the nasty smells.

  • Finally, wipe down the tables and chairs before serving up meals – not just after they get dirty.

Bathroom disinfectant cleaner: How to use disinfectant in the bathroom

If you’re wondering how to use disinfectant in the bathroom, it’s simple, and should be done using the same principles you applied to cleaning the kitchen.

  • Look out for products that are specifically for use as a bathroom disinfectant cleaner, such as Domex Toilet Bleach.

  • Be sure to disinfect areas where a lot of bacteria are likely to build up – like the toilet bowl and under the sink taps.

  • Clean and disinfect the surfaces that are the most frequently touched – the door handles, the washbasin, and the toilet roll holder.

  • Don’t forget about the areas that remain damp or wet for extended periods of time, including the bath, shower, and sink!

Disinfectant uses: How to use it safely

Disinfectants and anti-bacterial agents are vital to maintaining a hygienic household, but there are some important safety considerations when using these products.

  • DON’T FORGET to clean your surfaces with a standard cleaning agent first.

  • DO make sure that you allow time for any disinfectant to work. Around 5 – 10 minutes will be the perfect length of time for it to do its job.

  • DON’T over-use disinfectants. Over-use of disinfectant might harm your immune system, and might also encourage bacterial resistance to disinfectants.

  • DO keep out of the reach of children, especially as they often come in bright, fun looking packaging.

  • DON’T FORGET to check the manufacturer’s guidelines for using their product to ensure you do so correctly and safely.

  • DO make sure you keep any area you are disinfecting well ventilated.

  • DON’T FORGET to wear rubber gloves when using disinfectant around your home.

  • DO make sure you wash your hands after using disinfectants, even if you have been wearing rubber gloves.

Now you should understand the top uses of Domex and other disinfectants, and have a simple guide to where and how to use disinfectant products in your home. With our easy to follow steps, you can keep your home clean, germ-free and healthy.

  • Use products like Domex to keep your home clean and germ free.

  • Don’t forget to disinfect surfaces most frequently touched, such as door handles and taps.

  • Do not overuse disinfectants.

  • Keep the area well ventilated and wear rubber gloves.

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Frequently asked questions on using disinfectants

Is Domex harmful if it comes into contact with skin?

As with any bleach products, Domex can cause irritation if it comes into contact with your skin. If it does come into contact with skin, we highly recommend you immediately wash the affected area with warm water and soap.

What are the active ingredients in Domex?

The active ingredient in Domex is sodium hypochlorite. This is also known as bleach. This ingredient is specifically designed to kill germs, and will do so in pretty much any area of your home. It is important to always read the label and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for use.

Which is better, Domex bleach spray, or Domex thick bleach?

Whether you choose to use Domex bleach spray or Domex thick bleach is down to where you wish to clean and personal preference. Thick bleach is ideal for killing toilet germs while the spray is better for cleaning the surfaces around your home.

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