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How Domestos Helps to Keep Toilets Clean

Keeping toilets clean is a necessary but unpleasant part of life. With Domestos, you can keep toilets clean and smelling fresher for longer. Find out how


How Domestos Help Keep Toilets Clean

Rest assured that no matter where you are – at school, work, or at home - toilets attract germs. But thanks to Domestos, you can keep a clean toilet and make it hygienic every day. Here’s how Domestos bleach works and how to keep toilets clean with this multi-purpose product:

How Does Domestos Work to Clean Toilets?

Domestos is a multi-purpose thick bleach toilet cleaner liquid that contains the active ingredient chlorine. Chlorine is a powerful little chemical that pretty much kills anything it comes into contact with – which includes germs.

When working with Domestos thick bleach, there are a few key ways of keeping the toilet clean. Here are our top tips when using Domestos:

How to Use Domestos As the Best Way to Keep Toilets Clean?

  • Start with the toilet bowl and rim first. Pour the Domestos bleach directly into the bowl, under the rim, and onto the toilet seat and leave for 10 – 15 minutes.

  • You can move on to pour Domestos into other germ-attracting areas of the bathroom while you wait, including basins, drains, shower floors, and baths.

  • Using a damp, clean cloth or sponge clean the toilet seat, and as much of the rim as possible to rinse off the bleach. Flush the toilet to clear the bowl too.

Domestos Toilet Cleaning Facts

  • Did you know that when you flush the toilet, germs can splash out of the bowl up to six feet away? Be sure to clean and disinfect both the toilet and surfaces and flooring all around the toilet too.

  • It’s best to close the toilet seat lid before flushing to avoid allowing germs to get airborne and infect a larger area around the toilet.

  • You should clean your toilet bowl, seat, and rim at least twice a week for best hygiene practice.

  • Domestos has been #UNSTOPPABLE in the fight against unsafe sanitation and poor hygiene - protecting over 5 million school children against illness-causing germs.

For more toilet and bathroom cleaning tips, visit Cleanipedia today.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Keep Toilets Clean

How to Keep Toilets Clean?

Keep a toilet clean by using a quality cleaning agent like Domestos bleach which can kill up to 99.9% of germs on contact.

How to Keep the Toilet Fresh and Smelling Good?

If you regularly clean your toilet, bath, shower, surfaces, and floors with a product like Domestos multi-purpose thick bleach, you will ensure that your bathroom remains fresh, hygienic, and smelling good.

How do You Keep Your Toilet Clean?

Keep your toilet clean by following our tips above for getting the best results with Domestos. Leave the bleach for 10 – 15 minutes in the toilet bowl, under the rim, and on the seat to allow it to work and kill as many germs as possible.

What Happens if You Don't Clean Your Toilet Regularly?

If you don’t clean your toilet regularly, you allow germs, bacteria, and viruses to breed and multiply which could pose a serious health risk to you and your family.

How does Domestos Help to Keep Toilets Clean?

The chlorine in Domestos bleach breaks down and kills the proteins of germs and bacteria, killing them instantly.

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