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Reasons Why It's Smarter to Use Concentrated Fabric Conditioner

Care for your clothes with the use of Comfort. Read how.


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Use Concentrated Fabric Conditioner

Washing your clothes too often can have a detrimental effect on the clothing fibres and, over time, reduce their lifespan. However, there is a little hack you can use to make sure you're protecting your clothing as much as possible when washing them regularly. Read on to find out more.

Why Use a Concentrated Fabric Conditioner?

As its name suggests, a fabric conditioner is designed to do just that; condition and soften your clothes. When you choose to use a fibre protecting fabric softener like the Comfort range of fabric conditioners, you're actually choosing to also invest in the life span and quality of your clothing.

What is a Good Concentrated Fabric Softener to Use?

Comfort concentrated fabric conditioners come in a range of great options to try, each with its own unique set of benefits to you.

Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioners

This concentrated laundry softener range offers exceptional softness for clothes with long-lasting fragrance to boot. It helps to maintain the shape and quality of the clothing too so that your garments last longer. This range of concentrated fabric softeners is available in three scents:

  • Elegance

  • Uplifting

  • Morning Fresh

Comfort Pure Concentrated Fabric Softener

The Comfort concentrate fabric conditioner has been dermatologically tested and can be used on the garments of people with sensitive skin.

Comfort Perfume Deluxe Concentrated Fabric Conditioners

The Comfort perfume deluxe range protects fabric colours ensuring they stay radiant and soft. The technology used in this range of concentrated softeners helps to prevent fading as well as damage to fibres when you wash the clothing. This range is also available in three beautiful scents:

  • Divine Petals

  • Heavenly Nectar

  • Lily

The entire Comfort fabric conditioner range uses encapsulated fragrance technology which infuses beautiful scents into the clothing allowing bursts of fragrance to be released all day long.

How Do You Use a Concentrated Fabric Conditioner?

As with any type of laundry detergent, we always recommend following the instructions of the product for best results. With all the Comfort fabric conditioner ranges, you simply have to place one capful of liquid into the specified dispensing tray in your washing machine and let it do the rest. Remember, never pour fabric softener directly onto clothing to avoid staining.

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