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Help Address the School Sanitation Crisis

Poor sanitation in South African schools is an issue that many students face. Having to try and navigate unsafe and unsanitary toilet facilities can negatively affect not only the child’s health, but their ability to learn and achieve at school.


Help Address the School Sanitation Crisis

Addressing the school sanitation crisis is essential to help support and enable school children to achieve their best in school.

Read on as we explore the ways in which you can help improve the school sanitation crisis to support the well-being and development of kids at school, for a brighter future for all kids.

The School Sanitation Crisis

A lack of proper sanitation in schools is a crisis that impacts millions of children throughout South Africa and across the globe. When it comes to poor sanitation in schools, it can entail several factors such as:

  • Broken, poorly maintained facilities like toilets and sinks

  • No access to clean, running water

  • Unclean facilities that promote the spread of germs

  • A lack of privacy in toilets with no doors, discouraging use of facilities

  • If only pit toilets are available, it can be a threat to a child’s safety

These factors lead to an unsafe and unhygienic environment for kids whenever they are at school, making it difficult for them to learn and achieve. Poor sanitation in schools can also result in the spread of harmful germs and diseases which can cause children to fall ill and force them to miss school. Some of the most significant effects of poor sanitation in schools include:

  • Increased absenteeism

  • Decline in academic performance

  • Decline in ability to concentrate in class

  • Decline in ability to participate in learning

  • Increased risk of illness and disease

With how fundamental adequate sanitation can be for the development, success, and well-being of children in school, highlighting the importance of sanitation in schools to all stakeholders is critical. If you’ve been looking for ways to help address the school sanitation crisis and promote access to clean, safe facilities, partnering with Domestos is a great way to get started!

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Domestos is waging war against poor hygiene and unsafe sanitation in schools through its initiative to help 100 million people access improved standards of sanitation and hygiene. To get involved and help Domestos become unstoppable in its mission to address the sanitation crisis, choose Domestos every time you shop.

By choosing Domestos, you help to build safer toilets in schools, support Domestos’ incredible school toilet maintenance programme and enable over 1 million learners to be taught good hygiene habits every year. Join the fight against the school sanitation crisis by partnering with Domestos today!

In addition to choosing Domestos every time you shop, there are other ways in which you can help to address the issue of poor sanitation in schools. These are:

  1. Sanitation Education - educating teachers and school cleaning staff on proper toilet maintenance and the effectiveness of hygiene products like Domestos in promoting more sanitary schools and preventing the spread of harmful germs is essential to addressing the sanitation crisis. Educating learners on good hygiene practices is just as important too.

  2. Support Fundraising Initiatives - getting stakeholders like school governing bodies and the parents of learners to contribute or help fundraise is essential to help fund the building or renovating of school toilet facilities.

Partner with Domestos and enable learners to thrive in school by enabling them to access safe and sanitary facilities at school.

Frequently Asked Questions on School Sanitation

How can I help improve sanitation in schools?

Choose Domestos to support and join their mission to provide clean and sanitary facilities for children at school. You can also help improve the sanitation in your local schools by providing them with effective cleaning products like the Domestos Thick Bleach range and encouraging them to joining the Domestos campaign.

What are sanitation interventions in schools?

Sanitation interventions in schools can include training the school cleaning team on how to properly maintain school toilet facilities and education staff and learners on proper hygiene practices and maintenance.

How can we maintain sanitation in schools?

You can maintain sanitation in schools by using effective cleaning products like Domestos Thick Bleach.

What is good sanitation?

Good sanitation includes practicing good hygiene habits and keeping facilities hygienically clean.

What is the effect of the sanitation crisis in schools?

The sanitation crisis in schools negatively affects learners' ability to concentrate, learn and thrive at school and it can negatively impact their health and overall well-being too.

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