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Essential House Cleaning Materials & Products

It's tough to know what supplies you need to keep your home clean. You might end up buying a bunch of stuff that you don't really need, or not having the right tools when you need them.


Essential House Cleaning Materials & Products

Handy Andy is here to help! We've put together a list of essential cleaning materials and products that every home needs. Plus, we're always updating our blog with the latest tips and tricks for keeping your house clean, so keep a look out for our latest blogs and topics weekly.

House Cleaning Essentials List

We’ve put together a list of the cleaning material products that are absolute must-haves in your cleaning cupboard. The key to cleaning material essentials is that the products should be good, should be versatile, and should get the job done properly the first time. We wouldn’t want you spending hours cleaning your home with the wrong products and tools.

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Cleaning Surfaces & Walls

When it comes to surfaces and walls in the home, the Handy Andy Multi Purpose Cream Cleaner range is going to be your best product. The new cream cleaner range has an improved formula that offers better cleaning and better grease removal properties, making it ideal for areas in the home like the kitchen and bathroom.

Handy Andy Cream Cleaner can also be used on wall surfaces like tiles and painted walls too. You’ll get a superior clean and your home will be left with a gentle lingering scent too.

Cleaning Floors

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When it comes to getting clean, shiny floors that are streak-free and germ-free, we recommend Handy Andy’s Floor and All Purpose cleaning liquid range. The all-purpose liquids cleaning products range uses acti-shine technology which enables the cleaner to remove dirt and leave the floor with an impeccable shine.

Cleaning High-Germ Areas

When we talk about high-germ areas, we’re talking about areas in the home where the most germs tend to be found and settle in. These areas are generally considered to be the:

  • Toilet bowl

  • Flooring around the toilet

  • Basins & sinks (in the bathroom and kitchen)

  • Drains

  • Showers

For these high-germ areas, don’t bother using anything else other than Handy Andy Multipurpose Spray with Bleach. The bleach in this formulation helps to instantly kill germs on contact including bacteria and viruses.

Cleaning Windows & Glass

From outdoor windows to shower screens, keeping the windows and glass tables and areas in your home a spotless and streak-free clean, is a job for the Handy Andy UltraFast Window & Glass Spray range. Simply spray the cleaner on and leave for 10 seconds. Wipe away and you’ve got glass that has a sparkling shine every time.

Tools & Cloths

Apart from household cleaning products, you also need a set of tools and materials to help you get the job done well. For pretty much every kind of cleaning job, you’re going to need these tools:

  • A set of microfibre cloths

  • A set of soft sponge cloths

  • A good quality broom and mop

  • A bucket

  • Spray Mop

  • A scrubbing brush

  • Maybe we add Scrubby Mummy or Daddy

Together with our suggested cleaning materials list, these tools will enable you to get your home spotlessly clean in no time. More time to spend relaxing with the family.

For more home cleaning tips and tricks, visit Cleanipedia today.

Frequently Asked Questions on Essential House Cleaning Materials & Products

Which Cleaning Products are Essential for Tiles?

When it comes to tiles on the wall, we recommend Handy Andy Cream Cleaner. For tiles on the floor, we recommend Handy Andy All-in-1 Floor Cleaner.

What Cleaning Products can be Used for Cleaning Painted Walls?

Handy Andy Cream Cleaner will clean painted walls easily and leave them smelling gently scented too. Just make sure you use a soft cloth to clean the walls and nothing that is abrasive.

What Cleaning Material to Use to Remove a Permanent Marker?

Handy Andy Cream Cleaner is a range of products that are formulated to get rid of pretty much any kind of stain on surfaces, floors and walls.

Can You Use Cleaning Products With Any Cleaning Materials?

Cleaning products without cleaning materials are pretty useless, don’t you think? Read our blog above to learn more about our suggestions for the best products and materials to use.

What Products Can be used as Substitutes for House Cleaning Products?

You can make your own homegrown concoctions to clean the home, but why would you when you can use the Handy Andy range of surface, floor and wall cleaners.

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