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Handy Andy, Your All-Purpose Cleaner Throughout The Home

Handy Andy Is Your Trusted All Purpose Cleaner, Discover Why


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Cleaning away strong, stubborn dirt doesn’t have to take elbow grease and sweat to be effective. You just need the right cleaning product for the job. So what makes Handy Andy All-Purpose Cleaners so powerful?

How Does Handy Andy Work?

Handy Andy cleaning cream is a multi-purpose surface cleaner that you can use to clean your kitchen, bathroom, toilet, as well as other high-contact areas in your household. The cream cleaner is available for purchase in a 500ml and a 750ml bottle and in four fresh fragrances, namely:

  • Lavender Fresh: provides a sweet, floral scent that makes any space smell lovely.

  • Lemon Fresh: has a natural aroma with a distinctive citrus scent that leaves your house smelling clean.

  • Eucalyptus: provides a forest-like breath of fresh air with a touch of sweet and minty aromas that leaves your home smelling fresh.

  • Potpourri: features a floral scent fusion whose mixed aroma fills your home with a pleasant smell.

Not only will your home look sparkling clean; it will smell clean and welcoming.

Ran Out?

Don't throw your empty container out just yet. We offer refill packs of size 750ml for the following fragrances: Lavender, Lemon Fresh, Eucalyptus, and Potpourri. If you prefer to purchase in bulk, Handy Andy’s Multi-Purpose Cream Cleaner is available in a 5-litre bottle.

Handy Andy Cream Uses

So, what are the top Handy Andy uses? You can use Handy Andy all-purpose creams to remove dirt from kitchen and bathroom surfaces, like:

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How to Use Handy Andy?

To use Handy Andy creams, apply it undiluted and give a few minutes to penetrate and lift the dirt. The steps below can serve as direction:

  • Apply the cream cleaner onto a damp cloth or sponge.

  • Gently cover the surface with a layer of cream to allow the Handy Andy cream to penetrate and lift the dirt.

  • Wipe away dirt and grime, you may need to use scrubber for stubborn ingrained dirt. Rinse thoroughly to expose a clean, shiny surface.

  • Before using Handy Andy products on delicate surfaces (e.g., aluminium and painted surfaces) or for any unusual usage, gently test it on a small, hidden area first and make sure to rinse immediately after.

  • If used to clean painted wood and aluminium, avoid prolonged contact.

Keep in mind that this product is not intended to be used on linoleum, leather or textiles.

Additional Handy Andy Products Worth Trying:

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Are you looking to buy Handy Andy cleaning products, for home or commercial use? Then visit our Handy Andy or contact the Unilever experts and learn how you can get your choice of products, even in bulk.

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