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The Comfort Elegance Fabric Conditioner

Along with Comfort Uplifting and Comfort Morning Fresh, Comfort Elegance completes the Comfort Core range of fabric conditioners. It is an exclusive range of fabric softeners that are formulated with specialist technology that softens your fabrics and leaves them smelling amazing for longer.


The Comfort Elegance Fabric Conditioner

The Comfort Elegance fragrance

Comfort Elegance fabric conditioner is uniquely formulated with micro-sized fragrance capsules that soak deep into fabric during every wash. This specialised encapsulated fragrance technology allows bursts of freshness and fragrance to be released from the fibres of the fabric as you move.

The Benefits of Comfort Elegance

The entire Comfort fragrances range including Comfort Elegance, Comfort Uplifting, and Comfort Morning Fresh not only scents your clothing for days after washing but is designed to soften your clothes with every wash too. Here’s more about why Comfort Elegance will save you time and money on every laundry day:

  • Save money. You use less fabric conditioner when you use Comfort Elegance. 800ml of Comfort Elegance will give you as many washes as a regular 2L softener on the market will.

  • Save time. Comfort Elegance softens fabrics during washing which means they do not require as much ironing, which will save you time on laundry day.

How to use Comfort Elegance?

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When using Comfort Elegance, it is a simple enough process to follow. We want you to spend less time on laundry and more time doing the things you love. Here’s how to easily use Comfort Fabric Conditioner with every wash:

  • Pour 1 cap (40ml) of Comfort Uplifting into the specified drawer of your front-loading washing machine when you add your washing powder or laundry liquid. If you have a top-loading washing machine, use the specified drawer or follow the machine manufacturer's instructions.

  • If you’re hand washing your garments, use 1 cap (40ml) for a regular load (20 shirts), or 1/2 cap (20ml) for a small load (10 shirts) and dissolve in water.

  • Never pour Comfort Elegance directly onto clothes.

Make Comfort Elegance Fabric Conditioner a part of your laundry routine for long-lasting fragrance and clothes that are beautifully soft and easy to manage.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Comfort Elegance

What is Comfort Elegance?

Comfort Elegance is part of the Comfort Core range of fabric conditioners that leave your clothing with a burst of fragrance every time you move.

What Does Comfort Elegance Smell Like?

Comfort Elegance encompasses the aromatic smells of lilies and other floral scents from essential oils in the product.

How Long Does the Comfort Elegance Scent Last?

Thanks to the encapsulated fragrance technology used in Comfort Elegance, your clothing will be scented and feeling wonderfully soft for days after washing.

Is Comfort Elegance Fabric Conditioner Safe for all Fabrics?

We always ask you to check your washing care labels on the garment you wish to wash before using any kind of detergent or conditioner. Comfort Elegance has been formulated however to be used on most fabric types with excellent results.

Where can I Purchase Comfort Elegance?

Shop at your local retailer or favourite online retailer today to buy Comfort Elegance now.

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