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Does Fabric Conditioner Leave A Lingering Scent On Clothes?

The major misconception out there about fabric conditioner is that it leaves a residue on your clothing after washing.


Does Fabric Conditioner Leave A Lingering Scent On Clothes?

Some think the residue is what causes the long-lasting smell of the clothes for a few days afterwards but that couldn’t be further from reality. Others complain that fabric conditioner leaves no smell on clothing after drying at all.

We thought we’d clear up the debate and misconceptions on pretty much everything related to fabric conditioners now. We’re going to look at the secret behind fabric softeners’ longest-lasting scent and just how the fragrance remains on your clothing.

Biggest Misconceptions About Fabric Softener

Misconceptions exist about everything in the world, as we all know. Even laundry products like fabric conditioners aren’t immune to misconceptions. The reality is some of them do ring true for some brands that do not use superior ingredients and technology in their products.

We did a survey of several women around South Africa that have used several different brands of fabric softener over the years. We asked them what they believed about fabric conditioners as well as what they have heard. Answers included:

  • It leaves residue on your clothing

  • The residue is what makes the scent last on the clothing

  • It damages clothing and leaves them stained

  • Only leaves scent while washing, the scent goes after drying

Is There A Superior Fabric Conditioner On The Market?

A fabric conditioner brand that breaks the mould and fights against all stereotypes is the Comfort Fabric Conditioner range. We’re going to break the misconceptions now, by answering some of the most frequently asked questions about fabric conditioners we get here, at Cleanipedia. We will tell you how Comfort does it differently too.

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Does it leave residue?

Comfort’s range of products has micro-sized capsules that gently penetrate fabric fibres without damaging them. These capsules embed in the fibres ensuring that no residue sits on top of the fibres.

Does fabric softener really last?

Luckily for you, Comfort Fabric Conditioners go above and beyond in the “which fabric softener scent lasts longer” debate.

The micro-capsules, which we mentioned above, are designed to carry the superb fragrances of the Comfort range and embed them in the fabric fibres. Comfort uses Encapsulated Fragrance Technology to make its fragrance last longer on your clothing. The micro-capsules embed themselves in the fabric fibres on a microscopic level. When you wear the clothing, your body moves and with it so do the fabric fibres. As the fibres move, these micro-capsules release a burst of endless fragrance through the clothing.

Does fabric softener really make clothes smoother?

Fabric conditioners are meant to protect your fabrics, without damage. The Comfort range of fabric conditioners certainly does. One of the range’s signature benefits is how it cares for your clothing and gives them a superior softness. Other care benefits that you can expect from Comfort fabric conditioners include:

  • Roughness protection

  • Colour-care

  • Anti-Wrinkling

  • Easier to Iron

  • Static reducing

Which Fabric Conditioner Scent Lasts Longer?

Here at Cleanipedia HQ, we believe that the Comfort range of fabric conditioners delivers on all that it promises and more. From bursts of endless fragrance to the ultimate benefits of care and softness for your clothing, Comfort comes out trumps.

You can choose from a wide variety of fragrances available from the two ranges available. Comfort Core range includes Pure, Elegance, Morning Fresh and Uplifting. The Comfort Perfume Deluxe range includes Lily, Divine Petals and Heavenly Nectar

For more clothing care tips such as these, visit Cleanipedia.

Frequently asked questions on Fabric Conditioner Scent

Does fabric conditioner make your clothes smell good?

If you use an excellent product like Comfort, you can expect it to give your clothing a signature scent for longer.

Why do my clothes not smell of fabric conditioner?

You could have perhaps used too little (or not the right amount) of fabric conditioner, or you could be using an inferior brand.

What types of fragrances are suitable for use in fabric softeners?

You’ll have a choice of a wide range of signature scents when you shop the Comfort range including botanical scents of lily to deep natural scents of tropical flowers.

Which Comfort fabric softener smells best?

We recommend that you try out all the Comfort fabric conditioners and decide for yourself.

Why don't my clothes smell fresh after drying?

You may be using too little fabric conditioner in your washing machine, always check the usage instructions on the product packaging to find out how much you should be using.

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