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The Comfort Uplifting Fabric Conditioner

Included in Comfort’s core range of fabric conditioners is Comfort Uplifting. Comfort Uplifting is infused with essential oils that release bursts of fragrance as you move.


The Comfort Uplifting Fabric Conditioner

Imagine all-day freshness, softness, and a lingering scent of floral relaxation surrounding you. Well, with Comfort, you don’t have to imagine – it can be a reality.

The Comfort Uplifting Fragrance

When you use the Comfort Uplifting range, not only will you be treating your clothing, but you’ll be delighting your senses too. Comfort Uplifting fabric conditioner uses encapsulated fragrance technology which infuses your laundry with floral scents. These encapsulated scents release bursts of fragrance as you move, surrounding you with a delicate aroma all day long.

The benefits of Comfort Uplifting

Apart from adding a longer-lasting scent to your clothing, there are a variety of additional benefits to using Comfort Uplifting:

  • It helps your clothes dry faster, enabling them to last longer and maintain their colour integrity for longer too.

  • Comfort Uplifting reduces static cling on your clothing.

  • Using Comfort Uplifting makes ironing easier, saving you time and effort on laundry day.

  • You’ll need less product per wash for better results, saving you money. The 800ml Comfort Uplifting pack gives you 20 washes which is as much as a regular 2L softener would.

How to use Comfort Uplifting?

Getting the benefit of Comfort fragrances on your clothing has never been easier. Here’s how to get the best results from Comfort Uplifting:

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For Machine Washing:

  • Pour 1 cap (40ml) of Comfort Uplifting into the specified drawer of your front-loading washing machine when you add your washing powder or laundry liquid.

  • For top-loading washing machines, use the specified drawer or follow the machine manufacturer's instructions.

  • Do not pour directly onto clothes.

For Hand Washing:

  • Use 1 cap (40ml) for a regular load (20 shirts), or 1/2 cap (20ml) for a small load (10 shirts).

  • Do not dilute.

Make Comfort Uplifting Fabric Conditioner a part of your laundry routine for long-lasting fragrance and clothes that are beautifully soft and easy to manage.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Comfort Uplifting Fabric Conditioner

What is Comfort Uplifting Fabric Conditioner?

Comfort Uplifting is a variant of fabric conditioners from Comfort that uses encapsulated fragrance technology to release bursts of fragrance into your clothing fibres as you move. Comfort Uplifting also makes your clothes easier to iron with less static.

What does Comfort Uplifting Smell Like?

Comfort Uplifting offers floral scents of aromatherapy essential oils that leaves your clothing smelling amazing all day long.

How Long Does the Comfort Uplifting Scent Last?

Comfort Uplifting promises longer-lasting fragrance freshness on your clothing, which can last up to a few days.

Where can I Purchase Comfort Uplifting?

You can buy Comfort Uplifting from your favourite local retail store or your favourite online retail store too.

Is Comfort Uplifting Fabric Conditioner Safe for all Fabrics?

Generally, Comfort Uplifting is safe to use on most fabric types. However, we do recommend checking the wash care label of all garments to see if fabric conditioner is safe for them.

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